Monday, January 12, 2009

The last 24 hours

I started packing this morning. I was halfway to achieving another master packer level of packing when a sudden wave of sadness hit me. It was a cross between homesickness and feeling lost. I guess that's what they call the "neither here nor there" feeling. I have 24 hours left in manila (26 hours to be exact before my flight). Tomorrow I will be back to reality. Part of me is excited to go back, but a part of me is also sad because I have to say goodbye again. And I hate saying goodbyes.

Last night I went by Luis' place to give him my long overdue gift. I haven't seen my badminton partner in a year. I didn't want to go down at first but Luis made me stay a bit so we could chat. The reason why I didnt want to go down was I knew I was just gonna feel homesick after. Oh Well. It was nice chatting with Luis though. We crammed everything that happened to us in a year in 1.5 hours of talking while waiting for Byo. Our lives really went on different adventures na. But some things haven't changed like the couch I used to hang out in his place while watching football (favorite ko to!) and the trophies/medals we won when we used to compete as partners.

Today will be a day of saying goodbye again.. I'll have my last dinner with Ella and Adrian and hopefully that traditional last night coffee with Anthony. It's all about traditions today. And figuring out how to fit everything in my luggage.

Sana pwedeng iextend ang 24 hours. :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Meet Ups and Reunions

Since I only have a week left to my vacation, I need to start meeting up with the people I haven't seen since I last visited. I didn't realize that time flew by so fast that my 27 days of break is almost over. Sa dami ng roadtrips na nagawa, ang dami pa palang dapat imeet at kamustahin.

So yesterday I had a marathon reunion session with long missed friends. I met up with Weevens for coffee in the afternoon and had a grand time laughing about our favorite folks and reminiscing about the events in our lives. After coffee I went to have dinner with my partner, Denden, who treated me to a super delicious tapsilog in Banapple (For some reason I've been having these tapsilog craze...). I haven't seen den in a long time so it was really great to see him again. It was like recalling one's life events of the past year in a very short period of time. Pinilit talagang pagkasyahin sa 2 oras lahat ng kwento. I didnt realize how much I missed my dinners and chicka nights with Den. We used to do this a lot a couple of years ago after our gym evenings at Moro.

After dinner I went to GBC where I haven't been to since January of 2008. Wanted na daw ako sabi ni Harry since I missed the two recent events-- the christmas tourney and the christmas outing. I borrowed Harry's racket so that I could play. This year I didn't bring home a racket since I had limited luggage space. It was nice playing with the old guys again. As usual tawa pa din kami ng tawa nina tita cons. I met some new faces and had a nice reunion with the old ones. I played 10 sets in all (5 matches), the most I've played since last year. I don't know how I lasted. haha.

There was a tinge of sadness when I walked out of GBC at 1145pm. I guess its the realization that despite my visit, I kinda miss being there every monday and thursday night. Parang bitin yung once a year na bisita.

In a week's time I'll go back to reality. Tama si Chu33y3itch wag na lang isipin muna yun coz malulungkot lang kami.