Saturday, February 26, 2005

Two years

It has been two years since I had my fourth ITP relapse. I can't believe how fast time flew by. My relapse came after a month of never ending health crises ranging from UTI to food poisoning. I guess I should have seen it coming with the stress of the previous year and all. But nonetheless, I was never completely prepared.

Now two years later I'm ALMOST back to normal. I look normal. My platelet count has been normal for more than a year already. But I'm still under medication. I still go to the doctor every month to have my blood tested and platelets monitored. Tonight I got quite a scare when a cut would not heal. I cut my finger early this morning and until now, it continues to bleed intermitently.

Wednesday's blood test is a big test for me. It will decide my fate with my meds. A good platelet count would mean I'm on track for remission again and my meds will be lowered and eventually tapered off. Sana..

the night before

Videoke and drinking session with 3 great friends made EDSA 2005 a good holiday. Never have I seen peter and aldwin sing so much in one night. hahaha. It was fun bonding with great friends. Nakikita ang mga hidden talents of people.

Winning moments? Aldwin's magic tricks and "tubig ba to?" incident.. Ella's one hour telebabad... Peter's renditions of earth wind and fire songs that earned him best songer of the night... and my luck at random song selections that included "lodi" and "santa clause is coming to town."

pizza, beer, videoke and friends... great combination

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I just had a small reunion dinner/get together with some of my oldest and dearest friends. The P10 girls got together tonight-- 6 of us that is. I realized that we have been friends for over 20 years now. Some of them were my classmates since prep. We realized tonight how were finally growing up. Before when you serve food on the table, it will be gone in no time. Today, we barely made a dent to or feast of isaw, pasta, barbecue, mango cream pie, salad and choco mallow pie. And the ultimate sign of growing up? You start taking out food to go as "pasalubong" for husbands, boyfriends and other family members. =)

We reminisced about memories of growing up and how weve managed to keep our sanities and friendships intact through the years. We took never ending pictures (me and my body parts; jai the ever camera shy;divina the reluctant cream pie model;tetet's isaw poses;kim's forever photographer ako smile; and mariel's never ending self poses on my cellphone's camera for mms). It was great being with the girls again ( ay i forgot-- may boy pala-- the honorary p10 member jethro who mesmerized "martha" and gained a new soulmate)

Too many things to be grateful for--Mariel's new love, tetet's never ending tradition (hmmm..sana last na to), jai's new job, and so much more. I do wish we could have more of these things. And sana next time we finally push through with all our plans--especially kim's never ending plan (but never done) to play badminton.

Friends forever

Friday, February 18, 2005

another friday and olie's newest adventures

Another friday, another color coding day. finally gotten used to waking up early and rushing to beat the 7am mmda deadline. Three more weeks of like this and its FREEDOM!!!Yahoo!!!

My cat Oliver was injured the other day-- he fought with some neighborhood cats. Ayun, limping tuloy. Kawawa. He does have a knack for getting you to pity him. The other night, he was able to cajole my mom into letting him sleep in the aircon room with us instead of being sent out to his bed in the terrace. My mom said he looked so pitiful that she couldnt bear to let him sleep in the heat. Sosyal na pusa! He woke me up at 3am because he needed to go out to his potty. I'm proud to say, my baby is well toilet trained. He can be overly makulit at times but he is quite intelligent. He is also super matakaw. Last friday, he downed 3 plates of pancit in one sitting. My sister fears that Olie will become a diabetic or die from obesity one day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


the long wait is finally over. the 7th try proved to be the lucky number =) winning my first tournament last night was perhaps the best valentine gift ever. hahaha. better than any roses or flowers combined.

go team pink!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

aching bones, sore muscles

Played Badminton for 6.5 hours yesterday. I played a total of 17 games in all... I woke up this morning feeling as if a bulldozer ran over me. =)

Certified Badminton addict according to partner ces. =) even the weevens is speechless. hahaha. didnt know how i lasted that long yesterday. To think I even played for 5 hours friday.

Sana we ca just play for our grades. I think I have a better chance at that. hahahaha

Friday, February 11, 2005


Made it to class just in time.. For a moment there I thought I would have a heart attack. Just when I was about to print the most important paper of my life (a.k.a chapter 1 of my dissertation), my computer hangged and rebooted by itself. I wanted to scream and die. Fortunately, I was able to save my work a few minutes before saving my life from sure death. =) After printing, I found myself rushing through Balara traffic (which unfortunately was baaaaaadd). Somehow people seemed to be driving particularly slow today.

15 minutes before the deadline I zooming my way across the Mcdonalds intersection and inside the ADMU campus. Now if only I could find parking.. SS parking was completely full leaving me no choice but to park in the middle of the parking area (bahala na si batman!) and make a run for it. So I gave it my Forrest Gump run and flew as quickly as I can.

I submitted my paper at exactly 11:18 am. Been awake since 2am and just downed a whole pack of Cadbury chocettes. Sugar rush.

Crammers rule!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


He never even remembered my birthday. Or maybe he chose to forget. I didnt think it would matter much to me. But I guess it does. For all that has happened I dont think I deserved to be forgotten.

Still I want to thank him.

Thank you for giving me life.

And I will also say goodbye

Sunday, February 06, 2005

february tradition

I think i started a new tradition for feb-- a tradition that i dont want to repeat ever... for the past three years ive been bringing people to the ER on feb. It started with me back in 2003, then my friend eugene last year who dislocated his shoulder. And this year it was my mom who fractured her right shoulder after a fall. What a way to celebrate ones birthday--- staying in the ER of PGH. Lacking sleep and with barely no time to even wash my face, we drove to PGH where we spent the next 5 hours going through xrays, doctors and paperwork. Fortunately, it was not too serious. My mom just have to wear a sling for the next couple of weeks.

sana next year wala na.

birthday girl with friends
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birthday wishes

I turned 28 today. and last night i got to celebrate the start of my 28th year with 18 great friends and family. it was a blast and even if i was dead tired from cooking for everyone, i enjoyed every minute of it.

My wish for my birthday? Secret! hahahaha. Otherwise it won't come true. But for those who truly know me,they know what it has always been.

When I think of last night I think of one thing-- my favorite quote from Margaret Atwood and Alias grace. ..And there we were, in a kind of harmony; andthe evening was so beautiful, that it made apain in my heart, as when you cannot tell whether you are happy or sad; and I thought that if I could have a wish, it would be that nothing would ever change, and we could stay that way forever...

To everyone who made the past 27 years a reality... and who made life worth living for for me, thanks. To those who made it last night (ella, peter, aldwin, lyzet, lady, banjo, beth, erwin,denden, eugene, oliver, partner ces, weevens, addictus joven, nikki, mardet, fr. ben, and tito joey) SALAMAT. To those who missed it, thanks still for remembering me.

Friday, February 04, 2005 memoriam

I lost a baby late last night (well not exactly a baby, but an almost 3 year old cat). And its all my fault. We named him Wilkins (after the distilled water) but for some reason my mom kept calling him Twinkle. Over the years we have been continuously debating in the house what name to call him. My sister and I insist on Wilkins. After all there's nothing twinkly about him-- he's a black cat and was so "masungit" that in the three years he was with us, I never had a chance to pet him. But Twinkle or Wilkins was like a dimple-- a deformity that you learn to love or a pimple that never goes away until you learn to live with it. For all his kasungitan, he was extremely loyal.

And his loyalty caused him his life.

I accidentally ran over Twinkle last night. Omigod! He came barging towards my car as I was parking in our garage. He would do it everytime I go home as if welcoming me back. But last night for some reason, he forgot to step aside. He was usually quick with his reflexes but last night he didnt step away. When I felt a bump in the car, I immediately stopped and knew that something was terribly wrong. And true enough our twinkle was down.

I felt so bad that I frantically called my sister who was soundly sleeping at her condo by then. The first words I spoke were, Omigod! I murdered Wilkins.

Wilkins has no breed-- he's not even truly ours. He's one of the neighborhood cats (or pusang kalye) that we sort of adopted by virtue of feeding them. He belongs to the Mandirigma family (because the entire family is full of masungit cats). His mom Patricia was the classic cat diva.. She treated us as if we were her pets and not vice versa. She died after 8 years of being with us-- old age. In her entire stay with us, she only allowed me to pet her once (during a time when she caught a virus and lost all her hair and nearly died). Wilkins was her perfect male counterpart. But lately we noticed that he's becoming a bit sweeter. There was a time (about two weeks ago) that he suddenly touched my leg and walked by it several times. That's the closest thing to a bonding session that we'll ever have.

Wilkins has two siblings-- Hospicia (hospy) and Mozart (Mochie). And one neice (Froda). Along with my baby Oliver, I now have four cats left- along with about 3 other pusacals that sometimes wander to our house to eat.

My mom said siguro his mission on earth is done already. There's also a belief that our pets would take on the bad things that are supposed to happen to us. Sort of like a sacrifice. Still, I would have wanted his life to end in a less violent way.

When I went out of my house this morning, I missed the black pudgy thing that used to sleep on top of car (causing all those scratches on the hood).

Sorry twinkle.tita jaime failed. Goodbye wilkins.

I still love fridays...

Waking up at 5am on anyday is pure torture. Try doing it on a friday. Fridays are supposed to mark the end of a long week. Well not for me.. Fridays mean the start of a long weekend ahead. But what makes fridays torture these days is MMDA. Color Coding. Yep! Try and be color coded on a gimik night and you'll understand what I am talking about.Imagine not being able to get out until 7pm when you want to meet friends in far areas for dinner. Not to mention the fact that I have an early class and therefore I have to get up way way before the sun is even up to avoid the traffic caused by the five schools that I have to pass by from my house to work.

4 fridays to go. Can't wait =)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

just friends

Late last night a girlfriend of mine sent me a message of how being just "a friend" has been a great disservice to herself through the years. "I am just a friend, that's all I'll ever be" says a classic song from the movies. Cheesy but to a lot of people it makes sense. And to many of us, its so true.

In the art of falling in love, one often wonders how come there are so many dense people out there? People who seem not to notice how they keep on looking for someone whose always been there with them all along. Funny isn't it? We all look for the one, yet when the one does show up, more often than not, we don't even recognize the person. And it makes me wonder, are people really that dense?!

My friend's message made me think of the old days. And it reminded me of my own pathetic stories (hahaha) of failed attempts and icky moments. I laugh at them now. But I remember those times when I too cried over some person because "I was just a friend." But those are part of the past-- beautiful memories that should be just left like that--memories.

Lovelives come and go but friendships last forever. So perhaps being "just a friend" isnt exactly bad (Rationalization! hahaha). One thing I know that holds true for me is that if you're a friend-- even just a friend, you will always be a friend. And friends do not abandon each other just because the other do not see you the way you want to be seen. I would never trade my friends for the world. Without them life would simply be too dull (at maiiwan ako kina grand diva magisa! oh no!)

Sana kasi simple na lang ang buhay. Wish ko lang. =P

Kulang lang siguro ako sa tulog... =P