Thursday, July 27, 2006


They say you'll never really know who your real friends are till you meet a life changing crisis. There are people who tell you they are your friends, who send you messages of love and care yet in the end they leave you. But there are those who stick by you through thick and thin. They may not be there always but when you really need them, they'd go to war for you.

Today I am thankful for those friends-- friends whom I often take for granted but who always stuck by me. We don't send sweety messages to each other nor do we see each other everyday. But they make you feel that you are loved.

They are the friends who were never afraid to tell me that I am a fool yet at the same time will tell me, "sige mare, supportahan na lang kita."

They are the reasons why I still have faith in this world. And they are the reasons why it's so damn hard to say goodbye.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Big Decisions and Adventures at KL

Big decisions have to be made real soon..sooner than I expected. There are days when I feel okay about it but there are days when I simply want to ignore it all. Yet I know I can't. Sometimes its hard to be brave.

Was in KL last week and had a fun adventure figuring out the streets and sights of Malaysia. I arrived late Wednesday night. I had to find my way out of their massive airport and get to a cab to the city to my hotel. By the time I checked in, I was just too tired to even think. The next day I went to visit Semenyih and met Lizda, Angeli and the rest of the nottingham folks. It was fun. The place was sooo huge. I think Ateneo would fit in the garden alone. hahaha. In the afternoon I rode back to the city with some mba guys who gave me my first real tour of malaysian food. They took me to a local carinderia and made me eat my nth pancit of the day. I liked it except of course by then I was so sick of eating noodles. hahaha. I went out that night with one of the guys I met there and had a blast drinking beer and just walking around the city with him. Didn't even notice my foot was bleeding already. I was in high heels (I know.. I shouldn't have.. but who could resist wearing something soo pretty?!) so my feet got hurt. Friday was spent figuring out more shopping places. I went to Suria in KLCC and took some pictures of the famous Petronas Towers. I could not get up the view deck as they ran out of tickets for the day. Too Bad. I went around Bukit Bentang for the rest of the day searching for souvenirs and going on a shoe shopping spree. Malaysia is heaven for shoe lovers like me.

Still I looked forward to going back to Manila. I was so excited to go back home to my tropa and play my beloved game of badminton. I arrived 5 pm and rushed my way through duty free and dinner to play at 9pm. Tito Boy joked that I was a true addict-- imagine going straight to play/training after a four hour plane ride. I guess I just relished the thought of playing so much.

Im gonna miss those plays. I havent figured out what to do next if I do say yes or no. What I do know is that I have to decide real soon..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'll Never..

I know I should be used to this by now but somehow I am not. I guess I'll just never live up to her expectations. My work will always never be good enough. And that makes me sad.

A lot of people ask me why I love badminton and I now have the perfect answer.. In badminton,I'll always be good enough. =)

Friday, July 07, 2006


I just saw Superman at the Gateway cinema. It was a good movie although I finally understood what Tojie meant when he said he didn't want to watch it because it was sacreligious to the memory of our childhood Superman, Christopher Reeve. Superman was the first movie I saw in a theater when I was a kid. I was 3 years old then and my dad took me to Greenhills theater to watch it. I remember how we had to stand up and sing the national anthem just before the movie started. I guess watching Superman returns this afternoon by myself made the the memory more bittersweet than ever.

I liked the old versions better even if it lacked the technologically driven special effects that we have today. My head kinda spinned around everytime Superman would fly. I don't know why but I felt that the things Superman did before were more "possible" than what he did in the movie (try carrying a jumbo jet with a spaceship on top!). Or maybe it's just that I'm all grown up now. One thing I liked in this movie better though is that Lois lane became prettier and her fiancee is not a bad catch either!

I must admit, it would have been nice to watch Superman just like the old times-- with my dad but that is not possible now and I don't want to either. Things change, people change, and we all grow up. I guess I just kind of remember those days while watching the new clark kent tell lois lane, "I'm always around.."

At least Superman keeps his promises. I can't say that for others.

But then again we are only human.

I'm always around. Even if you don't notice. And I keep my promises..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's been one long tuesday morning and to think I don't even have class today. I was up as early as 3:30 am trying to finish a psych report I was making for my mom. I admit it was major cramming (I needed it by 9am) but it was not because of procrastination that my report got delayed (reasons!reasons!hahaha!).. Honest! I just had so much to do over the weekend. It usually takes me two weeks to do an entire test battery but this time I had literally two days!
Thus by noon time today I was already grouchy from fatigue. I had a client the entire morning and my phone was also swamped with text messages from my badminton tropa asking if we were playing tonight (I'm sooo looking forward to playing!!). Ella jokingly texted that when it rains, it really pours! Oh so true!! I went to the gas station when this car was so kupal to overtake me and two other vehicles who were waiting in line for the tire pressure checking area. Talk about kupal! And she had the gall to demand to be served first even when the gas boy told her she was still third in line. I am ashamed to call her a fellow atenean. I hope she has one hell of an emergency otherwise I hope she get's a big karmi on the way home. When I got to AdMU, I faced another kupals.. our dear pearly was screaming why I didnt return the room keys (which by the way I did not even borrow!she mistakenly accused me of getting it). I told her that my mom returned it to her at noon when she lost her temper and screamed, "wala siyang binibigay!" The irony was, it was just right in front of her.I pointed the keys to her and said, "ayan oh!".
If I had been less of a gracious individual I would have bitten her head off and embarrassed her in front of all the people. But takot ako sa karmi so nagwalk out na lang ako..
bakit ba kasi may mga bwiset sa mundo? pwede bang itapon na lang sila sa exile island?! hahaha
ilang linggo na lang...