Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Almost Perfect Day

Have you ever experienced a day that was almost perfect? It's a day that starts out just like any ordinary day--you don't expect anything grand to happen and like any other day, you simply go on living it. Yet somehow something happens in the midst of the day that makes the simplicty seem simply perfect. And then you know, that the day is not just an ordinary day anymore but a day that will always be remembered.

That was how friday felt. It started out just like any other day but at the end of it all, I was dead tired but happy. I was able to see the things I loved to see and explore my favorite site of all-- the zoo. I guess I never really outgrew that love of mine--seeing animals roam in a park. I went to Negara Zoo with Jesse and it was an experience I'll always cherish. Got to see my favorite animals--the bears and despite the snobbish nature of the lions and tigers (lahat tulog) I still enjoyed seeing them. I loved the giraffes and I had a grand time remembering my old running joke of how the giraffe had two legs. Hey we even saw a kangaroo.

Some people ask what makes me happy.. And I say this to them always--when i see the people I love happy and when I get to go to the places that makes me smile. The zoo has somehow always been the constant place in this world that never fails to make me smile. Be it malabon zoo or the infamous san diego zoo in california--it never fails to me happy. My mom told me that my eyes literally lit up when we went to see the singapore zoo last year. There's something comforting about being in the zoo-- I guess it's because you know that despite the struggles of life there is still that one place on earth where animals live without whim or care about such insanities-- where zebras and leche leche's roam freely with the salamanders, hippos, giraffes, and deers; where animals live in harmony and in peace.

It was the almost perfect day-- I called it almost coz I guess no day goes by without hitches (erring taxis and the heat to name a few). But at the end of it all, it was still perfect for me. I was asleep by 9pm because of fatigue.I was snoring but what the heck.. I had a beautiful time.

And I am grateful to the one who made the day possible. :) Thank you.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

At the End of the Day...

It's been a long day today..Work finally picked up and I was left feeling breathless. Had some last minute applications to go through and worked on an impromptu presentation tomorrow as well.

Melissa is right when she said our work is like bouts with rains here.. when it comes it really pours. With the OHSL programme openning this saturday things are a little bit crazy. Angeli flew in last friday so she's on campus din to do her lectures. It was nice to have someone share my office today coz at least its not so quiet anymore. At the same time it was kinda weird to have someone notice all the other stuff I usually do when I'm "pretending" to work.haha.

Didn't particularly enjoy lunch as we had to share the resto with the business people and the big bosses. Nakakailang na they are there looking at us. Nahahalatang matakaw ako.hahaha.

Last night I actually snored while sleeping (well sabi sa kin I was...). Maybe it was fatigue. This always happen to me when I'm anticipating a big event such as the start of a new class. Psychosomatic I guess.

Anyway I can't wait for friday. I have a nice day planned out. Actually planned for me... Can't wait to see the zoo.

Now it's time to rest..

At the end of the day, it's nice to be able to just sit back and relax and not think..
At the end of the day, it's nice to know that somewhere out there, there's someone thinking nicely of you.

Monday, January 22, 2007


My three day badminton bonanza took its toll last night when I pulled a muscle in my thigh. It's quite painful to walk right now especially when I'm going up and down the stairs. My leg started to cramp after our first game yesterday against the thais so I rested for a while. However the challenge of the game was irresistable so I still played. Charles and I partnered against Joe and another thai kid. The matches were quite even as the scores stood still for several rallies. Each set last over half an hour so just imagine the pain my leg was going through. After the games (we won the last set) I was ready to collapse on my feet.

Pulled enough energy back to muster my strength to go eat at the mamak with the guys. Nag volt in muli in our favorite place to be--kinrara. Had maggi goreng ayam once more. Yummy! I shared some of the calories to my dieting partner (ayaw daw niya kumain). We all called it an early night as everyone was tired.

My leg is still bothering me a bit. But it helped that got a nice relaxing massage last night. I can walk easily now. I only have a hard time going up the stairs.

It's so quiet here on campus and my two lone companions are my desktop and my laptop. Grabe nakakaantok!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not so Lazy Sunday.. and more SB adventures

It's sunday again. The last day of the week to rest and rejuvinate.

I was up early today. Slept at Ann's last night coz she wanted to watch heroes on my laptop. Jesse and I had breakfast together before heading off to mass at St. John's. Ella was teasing me about my going to church since I hardly go when I was still based in Manila. At least mom was very happy to hear that I went to mass. I guess part of me just wanted to say thank you for all the blessings I've been receiving lately. It's been a while since I have been happy and after everything that went through in my life the past months, I'm grateful that I've been blessed with so many gifts.

I felt a bit of deja vu at St. Johns. There were so many pinoys. Even the menu in the makeshift carinderia was pinoy. We had menudo and giniling and sort-of adobo. It felt as if I was transported back home. Everytime someone talked in tagalog I couldn't help but swerve my head a bit. While waiting for the mass Jesse and I chatted and joked about how pinoy Dh's dressed in full regale. Sobrang sosyal. I couldn't help but tease him too when he would pull down the hem of my skirt everytime my knee slightly showed. haha. It was so funny coz he was more conscious than me. I guess I'm not used to being girlie girlie here in KL. Even back home I've never been your typical girl. Sabi nga ni mommy, anak pag girl ang look, act like a girl..hahaha..

After mass I went off to walk a bit and then went home. Have to do my laundry naman. My housemate/landlady has this notion that we should pool all our laundry items into one giant load before doing the laundry to save water daw. anak ng tinapa kaya ang dami ko tuloy labada! imagine 1.5 weeks worth of clothes. buti na lang i finally figured out the washing machine. now if only our iron was better.. i havent ironed any clothes since i got back last jan. pang weight lifter ba naman yung plantsa dito.

Right now I'm waiting for my second load of laundry to finish. Killing some time by chatting online. How I wish ganito na lang dito sa house dito--me, myself, and I. Walang weirdo housemates. haha.


The SB had another TGIF event last friday courtesy of Boy Brochito I think.. Our official drink--Balakov Vodka and orange juice were the mix of the night. I arrived late as I came from badminton at petaling jaya. Fortunately dinner was waiting for me when I got to our official tambayan (Thank you!!!). After quickly downing my dinner of pancit, I joined in the group who were already drinking the night away.

For the second time in history I actually got drunk. I wasn't dead drunk but I was tipsy. I guess the fatigue finally got to me again. Add that to the fact that Obet and Charles were giving me extra high drinks pag tagay ko na. Buti na lang may taga agaw ako kaso nahuhuli eh saka siya din may tama na. I fell asleep leaning on Jesse's shoulders after a while. I tried to purge much of the alcohol inside the cr but of course I still had way too much to drink. So I just slept. By the time I woke up it was time to move out of our tambayan and go home. I could hear everyone's voices while walking home but I was way too sleepy to say my goodbyes.

It was a nice drinking session. Everyone had a good time. Despite almost everyone being drunk or half drunk, we maintained a semblance of decorum. Imagine di kami kinatok ng endah villa guard for a change!hahaha.Sabi ni charles, pinagbigyan na lang daw siguro kami since we haven't been noisy for a long time. hahaha. We had some newbies with us--ruby, the newest baby of the group plus tina's two sisters--marisa and ikai. Irving was our clown of the night and Charles became the newest tangero (kaso madaya!hahaha). Diomer had to pass every now and then (baka bumalik ang sakit!) and Jesse was back to normal--tinulugan din kami. hehehe. Nahawa nga ata ako.

What was missed was the mamak tradition though. No one had the energy to even move and walk to Kinrara, the place to be. Someone cooked maggi soup though kaya parang nasa mamak na rin kami. When I was given a cup to drink, as much as I wanted to drink it, I couldnt coz I felt like throwing up anytime (sounds so familiar. hahaha). Jesse forced me to take some para mawala daw ang amats ko. So I took a few sips before giving up and falling asleep again.

Tama si Jom, we may look like pathetic people with our vices that are meant to kill the body. But we are not completely patapon. In fact we do pretend to be normal during mornings and late afternoons when we have to do our extra curricular activities called work. I guess at the end of the day we all just want to shed our business suits and be back to our old crazy selves. And when you're in a strange country with nothing much to do, these get togethers can spell the thin line between going crazy due to boredom and homesickness and suicide. hahaha.

Another weekend almost over. Next week is a busy week ahead. I'll actually work for a change. Sabi nga ni charles, magtrabaho ka naman! hahaha..

Friday, January 19, 2007

Thoughts in the Park

Walked along KLCC park yesterday evening on my way home from work. I wanted to take some time off to relax and let my mind wander a bit. Had a long day and I could feel my head getting heavier so I gave in to my inner need to just get lost for a while. On days when I'm feeling out of my synched self, I do this--just do some "me" time.

While walking around the park I noticed how people clump together in small subgroups and that you'd realize how certain people go together. It's like in that movie Love Actually where in an airport you'll see so many forms of love going around. In a park, you can see so many forms of people (or should I say kinds?) of people walking and going about. Since I was by myself I thought I'd observe them a bit.

Inside the park there are several types of people going about

1. the families--they bring with them their little kids and usually stay near the fountains or the playground. Most of the moms spend time wandering with their kids in the swings while the dads smoke or sit in the benches.
2. the lovebirds--obviously the park is riddled with them--those couples who are so engrossed in each other without care or notice that they are in a public place; those wanting a cheap but utterly romantic date. You see them scattered in the remotest areas of the park usually arms entwined or heads bowed while whispering in silence. One can't help but envy them when you're by yourself coz they look so happy. (there's a small subgroup though--the fighting lovebirds--the ones who create drama in the park.haha)
3. the exercise buffs-- People who prefer the natural gym over high tech places like fitness first. The jog, do yoga, stretch, and even run around the park. They have have a world of their own and would give you a stern bwiset look when you accidentally jump into their jogging path. They come in all sizes and shapes.
4. the groupies-- groups of tourists or locals who flock the park like birds out to migrate. They walk slowly and with their cameras in tow like no one else is walking behind them. I call them the field trip people. Some gossip while sitting around. Some just joke around. Back in UP we called them "the freshies" in reference to the 1st year people who flock around in groups.
5.the tourists & passersby-- the lone tourist and the passerby-- the ones who usually go to the park as a way to get to another area of the city. They carry backpacks and cameras (sometimes), and walk either too fast or too slow. Some take time to stop and take pictures or ask locals for directions while others just briskly go about their way without admiring the beauty of nature around them.
6. the guys--pairs of guys just hanging around. Yesterday there was this pair who was quite interesting to look at--one guy was crying his heart out while the other was comforting him. Siguro iniwan ng girlfriend haha. chismosa!
7. the girls--pairs of girls just hanging around--a.k.a. the best friends
8. the loners (a.k.a. munimuni people)-- yesterday i belonged to this category. you can also call us the closet boy abunda's and kris aquino-- mga taong nakikichizmiss sa buhay ng iba while reflecting on our lives. People who just want to walk around the park a bit to regroup their sense of self. They look lost at times and can be sometimes mistaken for a tourist passing by but when you take a closer look, they actually go there by choice. And most of the time they are in deep thought.
9. the sleepers-- people who go to the park to sleep either because they are too tired or they are homeless. nakakainggit sila coz they look so relaxed without a care in the world.

You see there are lots of mixes of people in the park. The reasons why they stay in the park can also be quite unique. Each has his own agenda--to relax, enjoy the sights, take a shortcut, meet a loved one, break up with someone, get back with someone, etc. One thing they all have in common though is that they come to the park with their dreams and wishes. They come to the park to find some missing part in their lives and escape reality for a while. For when you're inside a park-- the world is stress free. The world is your apple and for a brief moment you're completely at bliss.

People come to the park in the hope that when they do get back to the real world, things will be better once again.


I took down a part of my previous blog. I didn't know that it hurt a friend so I decided to take it down. I didn't mean it that way so part of my way of saying sorry is removing it. You're right we are not perfect. :) I'm sorry if it made you feel bad. Didn't mean it that way. Thank you for telling me.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Morning Walk and the Big 30

I just came from a little walk from KLCC to Chulan tower. I'm stationed here at the KL teaching facility today so I didn't have to go to Semenyih. Met up with Jesse at Carrefour at 830 today and then we had breakfast at the Bukit Jalil sports complex. Super nakakabusog ang food. Di ko alam parang nageexpand ata yung rice and chicken nila. There was a slight blooper coz we couldn't make the lady understand our orders. I was ordering Iced Lemon Tea and she gave me Tea Ice. Oh Well. It was funnier when it was time for us to pay. She was speaking in malay and I couldnt understand what she was saying. My counting is till the number 3 only. After a few minutes and one interpreter later, we were finally off. It was a quick ride from BJ to Masjid Jamek then to KLCC. We were laughing all the way and took turns teasing each other for our bloopers. If the yellow pad is colored white, is it still called yellow pad? San ang noo? pwede bang lumangoy papasok ng work? hahaha. Just some of our stupid sounding arguments. Sounds utterly childish but hey it was fun!

Despite the long walk I took today, I actually enjoyed it. Aside from the exercise it was nice to clear my head while walking and think about things that I liked to think about. Got to enjoy some the sights as well. It took me slightly over 15 minutes to get from KLCC suria to Chulan tower. Parang Ateneo to UP Shopping Center.

Been thinking a lot lately. Turning 30 in three weeks time and I can't help but think about the past 30 years of my life. It has been one hell of a ride so far. I saw Mariel's blog and how she intends to celebrate her big day on the 20th. It got me thinking of how I want to spend mine too. This is the first birthday that I wont be home to celebrate it with my family or my friends. I used to celebrate it every year with a big party for the people who are closest to me.

Maybe its fitting that its going to be different this year. Turning 30 is really something I'm looking forward to and at the same time scared of. I guess it's a reminder that life is getting shorter.

My dream celebration? I want to go on a picnic. Just a simple picnic. I want to ride a swing and go down the kiddie slide. I want to play with kiddie bubbles and just walk around. Then I want to eat ice cream and cake while sitting on the grass. That is the perfect celebration for me.

Okay back to work...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who is Chin Chaw Fan? :P

I saw Lee Chong Wei in person last night. I was having late dinner with Sir Charles and Ann at the Bakuteh when we saw our idol badminton player eating on the other table. He looked so ordinary and if you didnt know how he looked like from the badminton magazines and newspapers you won't have any idea that we were actually eating beside an international badminton star. I wanted to ask for his autograph but nahiya si charles eh. Then it started to rain so he left eventually. Wow imagine that seeing one of my badminton idols in person. With the Malaysian Open starting today, I was so dying to ask him about his thoughts. Oh well, there'll be a next time. I hope.

I texted Luis immediately about it coz I know he'd be excited as me. I also texted some other friends. My favorite reaction was that of Jesse's who asked this morning how was Chin chaw fan (whoever that is). He was referring to Lee Chong Wei. I think Jesse mixed him up with the menu in chow king. haha. It was so funny. Now I have an addition to my list of pang-asar sa kanya. Ka level to ni Diana Ross as wonder woman. Peace!!! hahaha.. I was laughing so hard in my room I think my housemates thought I was going crazy or something.

Our conversation and his chin chaw fan remark lifted my spirits as I was having a slightly "moody" morning. Hormones I guess. I had a bad headache last night and I was feeling kinda off all night. kawawa nga yung mga targets ng moodiness ko eh.but friendship is right-- nakakamoody talaga minsan.hehehe

But I'm okay now. The chin chaw fan was enough to make me smile. Sino nga kaya si Chin Chaw Fan?hahaha

Monday, January 15, 2007

Some Reflections

I'm starting to discover some changes in my life. Maan is right, we can't simply keep on doing the things we used to do. Somehow they change us. And you don't even realize it at first but then when it hits you--you realize that change isn't so bad after all. I'm learning more about myself these days. And though I am quite confused most of the time, I relearning to get to know myself again.

I used to be really either too soft or too bratty. I was never in between. Either I give in or I am too harsh. Most of the time I give in. I hate confrontations and fights. My friends attest to that. But now I'm starting to be just open to possibilities.

Sometimes I am still amazed about the things I can do now. I can't believe I could really be this independent. And whereas before I was so concerned about what others might think, now honestly I'm learning to just rely on my own conscience.

Is this the sign that I am aging? haha. I hope not. Sana eto yung tinatawag nilang wisdom.

Several months ago my friend Karen stopped playing badminton to spend time with her popsy. We all thought it was a wrong move in a way--giving up your game for someone. I admit I was even one of those who thought it was crazy for her to do so. Looking back, I realized Karen wasn't crazy for giving it up--she was brave enough to follow her heart. And now when I think of what she did I can't help but admire her. It took guts for her to do so. And I think I finally understood why she did it.

It takes sacrifice and a lot of adjustment to build something. The more you get to know someone, the more you realize that you are essentially different. But what makes it work is the effort you put in getting past those differences. So you learn to adjust while maintaining a sense of who you really are. And when you see that the other also makes the effort to adjust to your own quirks, that's when you know that you're very lucky to have found someone willing to put up with your stupid bloopers and bratty moments.

That's when the frustrations and tiredness disappear and the smiles return to your face.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I just came from eating late lunch with Charles and Obet at carrefour. I'm starting to feel the effects of food that I am slowly feeling sleepy. I did my laundry earlier much to the dismay of my housemate. Minsan naiimbyerna na talaga ako sa kanya.. magastos daw sa tubig ang maglaba. hello anong gagawin ko?! di maglaba? hahaha.. Fortunately my mood perked a bit when I finally got my internet connection running. At least I can chat the day away and download stuff I need for work.

I'm starting to love weekends again. When I left Manila I didn't like weekends anymore coz it meant doing nothing. Now I'm starting to like it again. I'm glad. Last night I got to play badminton with the Pinoys here and eat late dinner of hotdog and steak courtesy of don obet. Our grand master is back from his vacation in the Philippines. After a quick chikka we went home and I think I fell asleep almost instantly. My back was aching from the hard play but thanks to my personal masseuse, my back got the relief it needed. pwede ng second career! haha

One thing I miss though--my conversations with ella. we have to make do with texting now. How I wish I could still call her and spend hours chatting with her on the phone. I kinda miss her and classmate's laugh. I know they'd love to hear from me right now. hahaha.. May utang pa ko kay classmate na inventory. hehe.

Okay so back to surfing... i'm cooking dinner later

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Other

It came during the early morning. Didn't know what hit me but I woke up feeling suddenly scared. It's hard to explain how it felt like--but it just felt like you want to put back everything to the way things were before yet you know you can't. No going back they say--once you start something that's it. It's bound to happen.

Yet I didn't expect it to come this early. And I know that as confusing as it may seem it only means one thing-- that fate is working its way. It will bring more fears and more confusion as the days go by but that is part of it-- part of the story of the other.

It's called the other because it, according to legend is the one that tells us who we ought to be rather than who really are. Paolo Coelho described it as the one that tells us that we are alive yet it also scares us back to our old shells where everything is safe and risk free.

But life isn't like that. Life isn't risk free. So I tell myself that often--as often as I could remember and I hope that I am reminded of that gift of the other. I woke up scared this morning--scared of the other. I cleaned my room and did my laundry in my hope of exorcising it from my thoughts. Two hours later I was exhausted and unsuccessful.

Then it hit me.. Pilar didn't try to kill the other. She embraced the other. In the book By the river piedra I sat down and wept, Pilar used to be afraid of the other until she realized that she should not fear her heart. The other is the part in us that tells us that tries to veer us away from embracing the grace of life.

I'm still scared. But I'm braver now. Someone once taught me that. If I survived before I know I shall survive now.

"I looked at the Other, there in the corner of the room—fragile, exhausted, disillusioned. Controlling and enslaving what should really be free: her emotions. Trying to judge her future loves by the rules of her past suffering.But love is always new. Regardless of whether we love once, twice, or a dozen times in our life, we always face a brand-new situation. Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. We simply have to accept it, because it is what nourishes our existence. If we reject it, we die of hunger, because we lack the courage to stretch out a hand and pluck the fruit from the branches of the tree of life. We have to take love where we find it, even if that means hours, days, weeks of disappointment and sadness.The moment we begin to seek love, love begins to seek us.And to save us."

And who knows what may happen.. This time I might actually end up happy.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Goodbye Moe

We called him Moemoe--short for his real name of Mozart. Actually Ves once renamed him Mozarella Del Monte Pizza Sauce Madirigma Why? Wala lang. We give our cats funny names. We once had a cat named Datu Sylvester Kamlon Javert Wiwi, Datu for short. He looked like Sylvester the cartoon cat and he stole things so we called him Kamlon and he would pee all over the house hence the wiwi. Javert came from Les Miserables which we saw one time. Oliver's name on the other hand is Sir Oliver Bacatelli/Gwapotelli Amoy Amoy Wiwi. hahaha.

Anyway, Moe was our most loyal cat. If there was an award for loyalty that would be Moe. He never left the house. Rain or shine, food or no food. He was just there in our garage. Even when he started losing hair and became ugly that no one wanted to touch him, he was still there. He was a great mouse hunter. Oftentimes he would leave "offerings" in front of our door to remind us of his talent. Several months ago when a small mouse got in the house it was Moe who anihilated in in one big gulp. Our guests often cringed at the sight of him coz he was not pretty. He loved to go towards people but because of his unsightly sores people often refer to him as "panget." But he stayed. And he had such a beautiful heart. He would take care of Poch's kittens kahit na male cat siya. He was the resident yaya of all of poch's kittens. Ang kaaway lang niya talaga ay si Polie who was admittedly our favorite. How many times have i spanked moe because he struck olie. Yet moe never fought back.

Moe died today. My mom found him under my car. I cried when I heard the news. I guess it never really occured to me that one day Moe would be gone. Now poch is all by herself. Wala na ang Moe and Poch tandem (mother and son) that would always be waiting for me in the garage. Moe always trusted my driving that he never bothered getting out of the way when I would be parking or backing out. I still can't believe that the next time I come home, there won't be any mozart to greet me by the door.

When someone dies it pains us. I know it sounds simpler when you lose a pet. But for us who loved them-nothing is simple-- it's still a loss. It's like losing a part of your family. Only this family member is not someone walking upright but rather it has four legs. I lost a family member today. And I can't help but feel such great sadness. When you lose a friend, you know that things will never be the same again.

I love you Moe. Thanks for the wonderful memories--for more than 7 years of memories. Thank you for being such a loyal cat. I know you're definitely in heaven no. Say hi to patricia for us. Mandirigma Family rules forever!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Return.. of the Inuman Nights

SB nights are back.. We had our first return of the comeback session last night at our favorite spot in Endah Villa. The three guys (Jesse, Diomer, Charles) and I braved the rains to have our first drinking session since I returned from Manila. We had our usual beer concoction of tiger and dark beer. I brought some boy bawang and spicy dilis over from my room and the four of us laughed the night away. Kanya kanyang trip-- from listening to christmas carols (pasko na sinta ko!) and teasing each other to death. We even got to say hello through text to Happy Feet who was on a night out gimiking in Manila. We all wished we were back home but since we can't teleport our way there, we consoled ourselves with beer and nuts.

Prior to the inuman we ate tinolang manok courtesy of our chef congressman. haha. Sarap! I was supposed to cook but our resident chef volunteered to do so. I even got a free lecture on how to slice sayote the right way (may right and wrong way pala!).

Now I am quite sleepy. The session ended around midnight and I fell asleep in the couch. Woke up at 6am to return to my room and get ready for work. Talagang back to the olden days na.. hehehe. It's nice to be back though..

Sabi nga ni Boy Phookistan..."walang sukuan.."

We're back!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Musings

Checking up on my blog this morning, aba to my surprise my chat box is filled with new messages!! Aliw! Happy feet and Niel came by to visit. Nice to know that my blog is being visited. haha. May nagreklamo pa nga na tinitira ko daw siyang matanda! :P peace! Sige na nga di na po, lolo. hehehe.

My sister once asked me how come people enjoy blogging so much. I told her that maybe it's because blogs allow you to connect to others and write about your life in a way that you still know that you're being listened to. Unlike regular journals of which I'm also fond of, blogs allow for interaction. At least you know that you won't have to wait till your dead for someone to actually read your thoughts.

Had a really nice weekend. Played badminton last Saturday. Sobrang kulitan on court. Partnered with Charles against a thai duo and despite losing the third set in a closely matched game, we really played well. To think dalawang guys pa yon. Halos mamatay ako sa pagod. Syempre bodega galore diba? hehehe. My favorite game was when Jinkee and I partnered against the boys--Rey and Jesse. Loko yung dalawa eh. Pinagtripan kami. Gumanti tuloy ang girl power. We won! hahaha. After the long games we retired to Charles' place and ate the carbonarra I cooked for dinner. Syomay! ang sarap kumain! Seeing the guys' faces after the meal was enough to remove the tired feeling from cooking that carbonarra. It's hard to find ingredients here in Malaysia. I still get lost inside the grocery.

Sunday was more restful. Woke up late and ended up locking my keys inside my room! haha. blooper talaga. Couldn't get out of the house tuloy. Sige na katangahan na po!!! Fortunately Kelly was home so she opened the door for us. After lunch at Charles we brought Jom's gift at Endah Regal. Loved her reaction when she realized na ang padala ay para pala sa kanya. Sayang wala akong camera. Afterwards we went to mass.. And yes ella, di ako nasunog!haha

During mass, there was this little kid who was so cute. He was with his parents seated in front of us in church and he kept on grasping for my hand. He wanted to shake hands. The kid was super friendly that one can't help but smile and play with him. I'm usually that easily approached by little kids but somehow he liked me. hahaha. He had a cute dimple and he smiled a lot. He even tried to hand me the hymm book. Hmm siguro naaliw sa katabi kong clown! hahaha.. (uy may magtatampo na diyan! :p)

After mass we headed of to times square berjaya where my fear of heights was once again tested. Looking down from the tenth floor I felt my knees wobble a bit. Jesse asked why I was scared of heights and for the life of me I really can't recall why. Maybe it was because I fell down from the bed when i was a kid leaving me with a tiny Harry potter like scar on my forehead? Or maybe because my aunt dragged me to the rollercoaster when I was 4 or 5 when I hated it? I really have no idea. I was actually told that it was purely psychological (nahiritin ang psychologist!) and I definitely agree. But somehow realizing that and actually getting over it can be quite challenging. Had dinner after at the 10'th floor foodcourt. Yummy fried rice. Kalimutan na daw muna ang diet!

Totoo nga you won't feel the weekend especially when you do so many things. Pagod but enjoy. And ngayon it's monday again.. I wonder what is in store this week..

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jericho Marathon and Getting Locked Out

I've started to watch a new tv series here called Jericho. It's about a town that got hit by a nuclear fallout. I haven't exactly figured out the entire plot yet but it seemed interesting. Last night I watched 3 episodes here in my laptop with Jesse over Charles' place before falling asleep. Tama si Charles you have to really watch it to get the story coz it's not your typical tv show. I hope it turns out to be one good show.

It was raining last night so we just stayed indoors and ate breakfast for dinner. hahaha. Breakfast kasi ang menu--hotdog, fried eggs, sinangag, knorr chicken sopas, and leftover sisig. Iba pa din talaga ang purefoods tender juicy hotdog with matching delmonte tomato ketchup. The best! Simple pleasures that make a day truly special. Talo ang mga high class restaurants sa menu namin. The four of us--Charles, Diomer, Jesse and me were so full after that we barely could catch our breaths. Talagang gluttony. hahaha. We took turns sharing our favorite ways of eating purefoods tender juicy hotdog (with mayo, with mayo and ketchup, with mustard, etc..) kala mo tuloy ginutom kami ng isang daang taon! hahaha.

I woke up slightly before 6am at the sound of Jesse's alarm clock. Talagang magugulat ka sa alarm! Parang may sunog sa lakas eh. . He went off to his house and prepare for work while I went back to my room hoping to sleep some more. Unfortunately when I got here my housemates sort of forgot that I wasn't in yet so they locked the inner padlock. Di tuloy ako makapasok!! kaya bumalik na lang ako kina charles to sleep again. Ayan ang tinatawag na blooper! Reminds me of the time when I got locked out in Manila and slept inside my car till my mom woke up at 7am. ...Muling naantala ang tulog when I got a call from someone looking for his missing ID. So hanap naman daw ako all over the sala. haha. Turned out nasa belt bag niya. Hay nako! iba na talaga ang tumatanda.:P peace! hehehe.

Finally at 9am di ko na matiis kinatok ko na sina housemates. They looked apologetic naman. I was dying to get into the shower coz I was still wearing my clothes from yesterday. I cleaned the toilet as well coz it was kind of dirty already.

Another typical weekend in the life of the dreamer. I wonder what's in store for today.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Fortunately or unfortunately I still have no answer to ella's burning question. So I leave her with a great big EWAN as an answer.

I wish I could give her the answer she's waiting for but it's not yet meant to be answered.

Two quotes from Meredith Grey to live by tonight..

"There are times when even the best of us have trouble with commitment, and we may be surprised at the commitments we're willing to let slip out of our grasp. Commitments are complicated. We may surprise ourselves by the commitments we're willing to make, true commitment, takes effort, and sacrifice. Which is why sometimes, we have to learn the hard way, to choose our commitments very carefully."

"But the thing is, it’s hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely, because almost everyone has that smallest bit of faith and hope that one day they would open their eyes and it would all come true. At the end of the day, faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don’t really expect it. It’s like one day you realize that the fairy tale is slightly different than your dream. The castle, well it may not be a castle. And it’s not so important that it’s happily ever after -- just that it’s happy right now. See, once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you. And once in awhile, people may even take your breath away."

Bleeding Feet

Vanity is said to be the favorite sin of people. hahaha. I think I will agree. My feet are blisterred right now because of my need to be vain. I decided to feel pretty today so I wore skirt to work and syempre I have to wear the perfect matching shoes diba. So kebs na ang comfort and go for looks tayo.I failed to consider the fact that I was going to be walking today kaya ayan by the time I got here sa chulan tower, my feet are killing me again! hahaha. karma!

Had my laptop fixed over lunch. Sana it will be better na later. I want to be able to enjoy all the dvd's I brought with me along with my hard drive filled with downloaded movies. Sayang naman diba? hehe.

I'm sleepy again.. Pwede kayang matulog dito?

Muni Muni sa Umaga

I'm at the Chulan Tower today at our KL teaching centre. I'm helping out my student from Burma make sense of her assessment paper for my class which is due next month. Some say it's not my responsibility anymore but part of me feels the need to help her more coz I too was once a student and I too was once as lost as she was. So now that I have the chance to give back the kindness (and unkindness) that were given to me by my former profs, I'd like to take time to help her out. pero still nakakafrustrate ha! di kami magkaintindihan kaya!

This morning I woke up early despite sleeping late last night. My sleep was kinda disturbed I guess coz I'd wake every 45 minutes or so. By the time it was 7am I didn't want to sleep anymore. So I just opted to do my laundry and force myself to do my reflecting while figuring out the machine. Di ko malaman kung eng eng lang ako pero di ko ma on yung water kanina. hay buhay!

I got out of the house at 8:45 and after getting lost again in KL, I finally found my way here in Chulan Tower. Mel told me that it was going to be a bit of a walk. She failed to tell me that it was one heck of a walk! hahaha. And I'm wearing heels pa naman and skirt. Not to mention I have my laptop with me. So ayan ang beauty parang nag amazing race again sa KL. I just laughed at myself to keep myself amused. At least it took my mind off the things I was thinking of this morning.

Right now I feel my head floating and I'm starting to feel sleepy. Walang matinong YM dito sa I'm forced to make do with the wap version. ang hirap pala! effort ang gamitin siya! My student is busy trying to make sense of her theories while I'm here doing my blog while waiting for her next kulit question.

Still trying to figure out some things.. Am I making sense at all today? hahaha.. Tama si ella, complications complications complications! :P

sige na nga magpapanggap na muli akong magtrabaho

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nine Mornings

I was in Manila for a total of Nine Mornings. Pang Piolo Pascual-Donita Rose movie ito! And in those nine mornings I spent more time awake than asleep with all the reunions and parties that I had to go to. I have no regrets though. I enjoyed every freaking minute of it.

Day1: Dec. 24--Arrival-- after flying in from KL with no sleep, I went straight home to have late lunch with momsi and ves. I was still quite in a zombie state when I got home so I rested a bit lang the entire night. Eto na pala ang huling araw ng pahinga!

Day 2: Dec. 25--Reunion with Santos Family-- our traditional lunch with Tita Thel and Tito Ted only this time minus Ning and Beryl who are both in the US now and Randy who was taong bahay. I cooked pancit and pata tim (yon pala ang tawag dun!) while chatting online sa ym (multitasking). Went to mass at 6pm and had dinner with Fr. Ben after at Gerry's grill. Sayang lang walang inihaw na pusit at kinilaw ng tanigue. After bringing mommy and ves home I was off to late night coffee with ella. We used her starbucks coupon and had long awaited chikka session till 1am

Day 3: Dec. 26--; Badminton at GBC, Shopping with mommy and chat sa ym. Whole day running around affair siya. I was half attached to my phone kaya I bet my bill will skyrocket again this month!At GBC, I played 3 matches. It should have been more but I arrived late.hahaha. I injured myself sa first match pa lang but syempre pasaway, I still played. I enjoyed my game with Luis the most. It was nice partnering with him again. We still move well together despite not playing for quite a while. He wasn't supposed to come that night but buti na lang he came. Sadly though I wasn't able to patch things up with my other friends so that was a sour moment of the night. But it was comforting to know that I still have other friends there to keep me happy.

Day 4: Dec. 27-- Day off with ella!-- a.k.a. gluttony day. We pigged out sa shakeys with classmate adrian. Three people pero ang order pang 7 ata! 1 family pizza, 5 pcs chicken, basket of mojos. We walked it off a bit sa megamall where I was searching for christmas gifts. unfortunately di ako wagi. We went na lang for kikayness sa David's salon and had a haircut, manicure and pedicure. Then off to seattles best to have coffee with lyzet and then isaw at Querico. Ewan ko bat di kami nabubusog. The day's highlight-- Lyzet's smile and Adrian's laugh. Why? Ask niyo na lang sila.

Day 5: Dec. 28-- Mall, Coffee and GBC Inuman--Mall with Momsi again and then off to coffee with Friendship Maan. We updated each other on the events of our lives. Patalbugan ng mga happenings. She gave me a really nice necklace which she made personally. AWWW ang cute!!! I'm so touched. Afterwards we did some more shopping for the SB boys (ang orders ng yosi at dried mangoes po hinabol!) before I headed off to GBC. For the first time in my badminton career I didn't mind not playing. As in it was a total surprise that I decided to just skip play. Tita cons and I just bought bbq and off we went to Harry's for the GBC inuman. That lasted till 4am pano ang daming humabol-- luis whom marlo and i picked up sa eastwood at 1am (martyr daw kami sabi ni tita cons! but syempre kulang ang party pag di kumpleto diba?) after his date and boss vic na 3am na dumating (he doesnt arrive late daw, he just arrives when he wants to arrive!haha). Nearly had a heart attack on my way home with pau's driving. hahaha. After dropping off luis home I was finally asleep at 4am. Whew!

Day 6: Dec. 29- Meetings, Bondings, and P10 dinner--Woke up at 8am to have breakfast with Ves and mommy. Then off to Metrowalk for my meeting with Angeli. We talked about the programmes here at work and the things we need to do when I get back. I went to visit Len after and we had a mini bonding session. I kinda missed our "talks" back when I was still in Manila. I think she is still in shock from all the stories I shared. haha. By the time I noticed it, it was already 330 and I had to go home to prepare for my party at 7pm. Took a short nap when I got home and started cooking at 7pm (sige not so short nap!).. The p10 girls came first then followed by Charrie and Chris. Then Obet and Bojo came followed by Ella, Lyzet, Aldwin and lady. The party lasted until 2:30am. My head was already spinning then after downing 1.5 cases of beer. Asar talo ako as ever everytime my phone would beep especially when it was my digi line. Naku! loko tong si don obet eh! ibenta talaga ako. Damayan pa ni lyzet at ang kanyang mga mega hirits!

Day 7: Dec. 30-- More shopping, Binyagan, at Inuman sa Timog--Riverbanks and DVD shopping with mommy-- treated my mom to a footspa after shopping for dvds. Ran more errands for her and did some last minute grocery shopping din. After dropping her off at home I went o be ninang at Aya's christening at greenmeadows. Reunion with the bridget gals afterwards and then after dinner party at FJ's in timog with tita connie and tito morris. Birthday pala ni lolo mike kaya we celebrated it with him. Funny dun di pa kami magkakilala talaga nun. Nakiparty lang ako.hehehe.

Day 8: Dec. 31-- The last day of the year--New Year's eve lunch with Santos Family-- another family tradition not to be missed. Arrived quite late kasi I was kinda sidetracked a bit by a certain sleepy person. haha. We realized that this was our LAST family lunch at the old pingpong table coz tito ted is finally retiring in May. It was kinda nostalgic and a bit lonely thinking that we won't get to spend new year's there anymore next year. We took pictures to send to beryl and ning. Kinalimutan ng tuluyan ang diet at inupakan ang crispy pata, lumpiang shanghai, bbq, at karekare. YUMMY... Two hours later we were FULL... Spent the next few hours glued to the computer coz someone apparently fell asleep and was so dizzy.. naguilty naman akong di damayan.:P I broke my chat record (6hours! kaya pala masakit na mata ko!) Next thing I knew 8pm na pla and it was dinner time. Kaya pala masungit na si ves. We had our new year's eve dinner of leftovers and then my family decided to sleep. What a way to spend new year's right? Ako?! I jumped on the bed when 12mn struck! Yes! umaasa pa din akong tatangkad ako.

Day 9: Jan 1-- LAST DAY!... Decided to spend it with my family at home. Did laundry and cooked macaroni and cheese with Ves. Tito willy came by late in the afternoon followed by ella and lyzet. Furiously finished packing and readied myself for my return. Grabe tapos na ang bakasyon.

UWIAN NA--Jan 2--while nursing a fever, i drove to clark and boarded a plane back to KL. Back to reality na. Back to work. Chicken afritada was waiting for me at Charles' house when I got to Endah Villa courtesy of our resident cook and handyperson Jesse. The guys were so sweet to wait for me when I got back. At least I didn't have to go back to my ever quiet room kaagad. When Jesse brought me back he even helped me unpack. Nakakahiya nga lang ang state ng aking room kasi makalat (kelan ba hindi?). hahaha. Nakakataba ng puso how people can make you feel better by just being there.

The vacation was too short when you think about it but it was well lived. How I survived with just a slight fever amazes me to this moment.

Till the next homecoming..