Friday, April 29, 2005

reviewing.. well almost

One week and one day before the much awaited comps, I'm still jumpstarting my review. It's hard to try and recall two years of grad school work in a span of weeks. It's even harder when some subjects were taken up as far as 2001! My long term memory has been overextended already.

Calatagan was great-- for one whole day I actually forgot the time and enjoyed what I was doing-- even if it involved statistica and SPSS. Cha is right, the place makes the day a little bit longer.

My mom and my sister are keeping a comps countdown on me.. I wish May 7 and 14 would just fly by. Pwede kayang matulog at gumising na tapos na ang May 14? hehehe. =)

Now if only I would stop thinking about things that I shouldnt be worrying about and worry about things that are indeed worth thinking of...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

three weeks to go

Three weeks to go before the dreaded comps... Part of me wants to get it over and done with while a bigger part of me does not want it to come. Pre-test anxiety is driving everyone nuts. My sister keeps telling me to study and my mom keeps a running count on the number of days left before May 7 and 14. Talk about added pressure. =)

I know I shouldnt be too anxious for I've been through this before. Still... it's nerve wracking..miss my orig comps study group buddies (aka the starbucks gang)... obs, chin, bambi, & tamie wish you guys were here.

okay back to work

Monday, April 18, 2005

blooperfilled tournament and great friends

Last saturday was my most blooperfilled tournament ever... Try playing badminton and realizing that you forgot your shoes! hahaha. So embarassing. Thank God for great friends who are willing to rescue me from my katangahan. Thank you again Peter!! =) lifesaver ka!

Forgetting my shoes was not the end of it. The day before my level got dissolved leaving me with almost no tournament. Had to find a new partner the last minute to play at a different level and practiced the last minute as well. Fortunately the tandem worked and we made it to finals. =) So many other bloopers not worth mentioning here anymore but I just thank the heavens for a great tournament. Thanks partner Marie!

One thing I learned from all these-- I am loved by friends. And that is the most endearing experience in life-- knowing that people really care for you. And that when things go really really wrong, friends would make the rainbow shine again.

Friday, April 15, 2005

summer comps

less than three weeks from now i will embark on the biggest exam of my life. aka-- the dreaded comps. i think my anxiety level has gone three notches up along with my defense mechanisms! hahaha! Im in a perpetual denial that i should study.

SEM sounds so alien along with so many concepts i've forgoten along the way. i just hope i remember them in time.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Questions that has no answer

I hate the feeling of being in limbo. Of not knowing why and how? Of thinking of maybe's and what ifs? And I am left wondering where in the world do I find the answer? I want to know why and answer all my querries but I am left asking myself these useless questions. And I wonder, am I ready to hear the answer to my question?

So I remain wondering.. and wondering.. Will I ever know?

Saturday, April 02, 2005


I burned myself yesterday by accident. I was trying to reach something on top of our stove and got too close to the frying pan top and viola, I burned my stomach. It was the most painful thing imaginable. Fortunately I didnt lose hold of the bowl Iwas holding at that moment. Now I have a scar that looks like the design of our frying pan top. Branded by a frying pan. How nice.

Had to play with a bandage on my stomach since it was quite painful still. With my ITP, my wounds tend to heal a little bit slower that most people. So I had to be quite careful yesterday. But of course no one could drag me away from the badminton courts. So despite the pain, I played and trained pa din. =)

Road trip today... Subic here we come!

Friday, April 01, 2005


I love Summer Vacations! No matter how short they are, its still a much awaited period of the year--when you can bum around and just do absolutely NOTHING. Summer vacations means going to the beach and not think for once of homeworks, quizzes and exams. Summer vacation also means no traffic in katipunan and being able to get around in half the time. However summer also means heat and yesterday was one of the worst. Sitting under the tree in Ortigas while waiting for my mom was pure torture especially when it was 12nn. By the time we got to Megamall, I was ready to run for the showers and just immerse myself in water.

Summer vacation also mean badminton play all you can. With all the time to spare, I can play any time I want to. Last tuesday we played for 10 hours. The Pamilya Badminton Mixed Invitational was a pure blast. I still feel the pains of play till now but it was all well worth it. Kudos to mike and may for being such a formidable pair to play against. But most especially I have to thank Peter, my partner, who was all over the court and got me to my first finals game. =)

I wish summer vacation would not end. =) Pero siyempre, like anything else, all good things must come to an end. So I guess I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

35 days to comps. The countdown begins.