Wednesday, November 03, 2004

back to reality

It was barely two weeks ago when vacation started and now, its back to reality again. Argghhh!!! Bitin! Mind you I do love going to school but when you just went through one hell of a semester, a two week break feels like it was no break at all... Okay enough of the whining... I'll just think positive thoughts... Sige na nga.. things I will look forward to this semester...

1. 12 noon classes (I don't have to get up early)
2. Badminton in between work and school (lots of them)
3. Impromptu gimiks with Ella (we never seem to be able to this on vacations)
4. Christmas and shopping for Christmas gifts
5. Palawan Adventure 2005 (the preparation begins!)
6. Merienda in the afternoons with Weevens, Ma. Ces, and Oliver
7. Friday color coding (yeah right!)
8. No more evening classes (except when I have to be driver for mom)
9. Planning for my birthday (not that I want to hasten getting older)
10. Teaching a new course
11. Seeing my students (the nice ones!)
12. Free email and internet access at work
13. New cubiclemate (Mareng Reg!!!)
14. Teaching psy testing all over again
15. Only 6 units in academic load this sem (my last 6! hooray!!)

and lots more...

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