Monday, March 14, 2005

Lessons learned from the court...

Yesterday I saw the difference between champions and nonchampions. In the end, its not the skill you know that makes the big difference as to whether you will win or not-- its the heart. Playing takes more than skill (but still very important) but endurance and the heart to win the game also matter a lot. I guess it takes some sort of game maturity to gain that heart to win. And that is what makes champions champions-- they have the skill and the will to win the game and stay focused on their goals till the end.

I saw so many heroes on court yesterday-- people who despite challenges remain focused to the task. One player struck me because he only had one viable arm and limped in court. Yet he was so good and played his heart out. It made me realize how disabilities cannot hamper you from reaching for the stars as long as you claim your place among the heavens. How many of us actually do that?

My friends lost their quest for a championship in a 3 set decision game last night. It was a well fought game. And in the end it didnt matter if they ended up runner ups or champions because they played the game till the very end.

My good friend told me the other day (after losing badly in a game) to "learn from mistakes and focus on the next game." So I guess its back to practice for me.

Till the next game..

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Jessica said...

I think what's great about these things, cliche as it may seem, is that there's always a next time. :) I hope to see more of you, Ma'am. ;)