Thursday, March 17, 2005

One day more...and beer drinking

One day more and its finally vacation from school. I can't wait. Although Im still swamped with papers to check, I still look forward to tomorrow, when my life as a student ends. Its hard to juggle work and school especially during these times of finals and grade deadlines. As much as you want to finish everything on time, you simply can't.

I'm in a perpetual denial of things to be done. Cramming at its finest ika nga. hehehehe. Was out last night with some new friends. We drank beer and forgot for a few hours that at home, piles and piles of papers and reading materials are waiting for us.

Trained as well for badminton and ran all over the court the entire afternoon. Even got smacked with a basketball in my face during training (reminded me so much of my ill-fated PE days in UP where I nearly flunked basketball PE). Was on court for 6 hours and played countless of games. And as expected I feel like a bulldozer has run over me. But it feels great. Yesterday morning I was already feverish and about to come down with colds. Today, my fever is gone and my colds are just down to tiny sneezes.

okay so back to work... time to finally get serious. =)

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