Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Celebrating Gifts of Friendships

The barkada celebrated the birthdays of Mark and Karen last night at our third home (a.k.a-- playersbest court 3). Everyone chipped in for our usual party fare of pancit miki bihon, chips, cake, softdrinks, and of course san miguel light beer! It was fun and heartwarming at the same time. Mark was a comedian on and off court but our star of the night was the return of the missing Karen who has been MIA since being kidnapped by dr. love. hahaha.

Everyone who mattered was there. Some were missing but not completely missed. Even doc witart came. I didn't drink any alcoholic beverage but I guess the energy levels of everyone was intoxicating enough that we all acted a little crazy the entire night. We played our favorite game of badminton while making each one a live target for our happy birthday shots. Mark scored the winning point by smashing the shuttlecock at len's back (by accident). You could hear the loud whapack as the shuttle bounced from lola len's back. hehehe. Our manang coach of course took revenge by scoring back to back "piso's" with mark, rb, luis, and me. No, we don't hate each other.. We just love to tease each other endlessless. Plus, it trains us to become alert like ninjas on court.

Allan was the suki ng bayan. Everyone wanted to play with him. Sulit na sulit ang 89 pesos niya. May nag disappearing act din (kupal number ???) at may slightly paimportante (kelangan pa bang itext?). Luis and Macre were the last ones standing as usual. 12:30am na ayaw pa sumuko! Lolo RB was of course the service error king, giving away "too many to mention" errors in our two week old contest. I think as of last night our score card runs at 40++ to 11.

It was a blast spending time with these friends of mine. We never got tired of laughing together and teasing each other to death. Karen's moment of love was the theme of the night and having our favorite tita karen back was great.

Mark's birthday was truly one celebration to remember. And though I know such get togethers will soon end for me, I take joy in the memories that I will take with me in my future adventures.

My kumareng karen is right, I may have lost something so precious, but I also gained a lot. And having such great friends to be with makes every tear worthwhile.

Happy birthday lolo mark! Happy birthday lola karen!

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