Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another First...

Malaysia is proving to be the land of first times for me. In the four months that I have been here I've been through a lot of "firsts" but perhaps none like today's first-- my first operation.

Had a polyp in my tongue taken out. I'm still awaiting the results of the biopsy but my doctor is confident it's not cancer. This morning I trekked to Gleneagles for an early morning operation at 8am. I was so scared that I barely ate breakfast (which I now regret since that was the last real meal i had). The whole thing lasted about 20 minutes. I kept my eyes closed for fear of seeing the blood. Thank God that the doctor was telling the truth when he said I won't feel anything at all. I could only hear the squishing of the needle and the thread when he was doing the stitches but apart from that I didn't feel a thing.

I think it helped that he was a jolly doctor and that he called me "my dear" to keep me from panicking. He reminded me of lolo mayo. His wife was also pinoy from Bulacan and she talked to me as well. I guess hearing nonstrange voices made it all seem easier.

Spent the entire afternoon napping and resting. I'm still on pain meds so I'm in no pain yet. Hopefully it will be painfree till the end.

The only difficulty i have right now is eating. I can't eat anything bigger than a grain of rice and nothing hard or hot. That leaves me with eating jello and mashed potato plus instant lugaw. I wish mom was here to cook her comforting chicken arroz caldo. Whenever we'd get sick at home mommy will prepare that isang baldeng arroz caldo of hers. It will last forever but it will make you definitely feel much better.

Another first. Another adventure.. Hopefully I'll always be this brave.

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