Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ouch...it still hurts

I can't imagine how people who go for body piercings take it--the pain that is. My recent tongue operation has shed new light to the meaning of pain in my book. I tried to be brave about it and stopped taking pain meds. Unfortunately last night I surrendered after 12 hours of going med-free and took panadol.

It's not that the pain is totally unbearable but rather its feeling like you can't move your tongue at all because any sudden movement might cause pain or worse rip off the stitches! argghh..It's so hard to eat as well. Last night it took me more than an hour to finish half a cup of rice and several pieces of chicken. I got tired of eating that despite my hunger I couldnt bear to eat another bite.

Ok I know I am whining now. I guess I just miss my ability to eat anything. I want to eat rice and ulam the way they ought to be eaten and not like some weird fellow who eats by slurping down the food instead of chewing. The worse part of it is that you can only slurp on one side of your mouth.


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