Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Complicated

Oliver showed me a nice entry from his friend this morning. There was a quote there that struck me. So I'm reposting that quote here.


It’s when you don’t know where you stand in a person’s life.
It’s when you are hanging on to dead air and knowing you can be thrown off anytime.
It’s like when you are more than friends but not really.
And it’s like you are lovers when it’s really otherwise.
Sometimes, you would want to wish to have never met that person at all,
But at the back of your mind, you are thankful you have

Who wants complications? I know I don't. But I think the reason why we gravitate towards it is because the excitement of it makes life interesting and if for some reason its the only way to be with someone you want to be with, the complication gives you that spark of hope that one day things might end differently. But then again, its a matter of choice isn't it? Ang tanong diyan eh gano ka tatagal sa complication? hanggang kelan ka magtitiyaga?

Ika nga ni Laida, maniwala na lang sa goodness.



> chubbybitch< said...

when things are complicated, RUN AWAY!!! that's what im trying to do... kaso... I ended up twisting my f*ckin knee!!! hahaha!

on the other hand... there goes a reply... "dont worry, i wont run away!"... grrr! pasuk!!!!


Hazel said...

sometimes running away makes the complicated more complicated eh! hehehe..

at nakakahiyang matalisod! :)