Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Hangover

I have a hangover. And its Monday.Ayos diba? di naman ako lasing.. kulang lang sa tulog. My head is still whoozy that I am in no mood to work on my lecture tomorrow (well tapos na siya a couple of minutes ago but Im too lazy to review it pa). I had to wake up early today as I had an early meeting on campus but alas! the meeting was cancelled (argghh)

The weekend was filled with activities and there was never really much time to rest and just sleep the day away. Friday night, I went out for crabs with Angeli and Jay after a long day shopping for wardrobe cabinets and beds at IKEA. It turned into an all night inuman (till 2am) at our house. It was pure glutonny. haha. We took Angeli to the resto with no menu (a.k.a. Hokkaido) and had crabs, fish and the bamboo lala with beers. Jay said Angeli and I are a bad combination especially when it comes to eating. Correction, the three of us are a bad combo when it comes to eating.hahaha. We didnt notice the time until it was almost 2am. By then our topics covered the most mudane to the weirdest. haha. Ano yun? secret na lang!

Saturday was another packed day. After waking up I went for some Beauty stuff and had my hair done in the parlor. Afterwards I had a late afternoon chat with neighbor Jom and then off to Don Manny's birthday celebration in Sri Petaling. Don Manny's lechong kawali and binagoongang baboy were worth the travel. I went back at midnight and fell asleep immediately. I was just too tired.

On Sunday we cleaned the house a bit and I went off to run in the gym. I needed some exercise to keep my mind off stuff as well lose some of those unwanted calories gained from two days of glutonny.

The glutonny did not end there however as the F1 race gave us another excuse to eat. Angeli made some kebabs and bought San Miguel beer. Steve, whose in town for his modules joined our trio for an afternoon of eating and drinking. The F1 may have gotten rained out but the party went on. We chatted till almost 2am. Who would have thought we could consume so much time?! haha. Steve left early but Jay and I stayed on. If not for our early day in campus, we would have probably ended up talking the whole night long.

Now I think another weekend to recuperate.. haha. Sana wednesday na.

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Anonymous said...

Hi mare!!! musta!!! miss ka na namen ni marlou...oi tawa ako ng tawa sa bob ong post mo sa multiply... pa copy paste ah...winner sha!!!! hshahaha... post more of that...