Saturday, November 28, 2009

3 years and counting

"If i don't like it there it's okay for me to come back right? You wouldn't think I failed."

I told my mom these words three years ago. It was the morning of my departure for what would be the adventure of a lifetime and I was scared. I was leaving the one place I knew as home to go to a strange new world where I didn't know anyone. In between sobs of goodbyes I asked my mom to give me her blessings that it would be okay should I wish to go home even if I end up not finishing my contract.

Today I finished that contract.

1,576,800 minutes of my adventure is over. And I'm starting with the next one.

Time does fly by so fast. I've never cried as much, I've never been hurt as much but more than anything else, I've never been happy as much.. The past three years tried my spirit to the core and taught me some of the hardest lessons I'll ever learn in life. The Jaime/Hazel who left Manila three years ago is not the same girl you see now.Sometimes I wish I was the same but I know that life goes on.. We change. People change.

So today I say thank you-- to all those who made all these things possible. To the one who pushed me to say yes to this adventure (without even knowing it) and to the one who helped me stay true to my promise until today. And most of all to all those I've met along the way..

I am grateful.