Friday, April 29, 2005

reviewing.. well almost

One week and one day before the much awaited comps, I'm still jumpstarting my review. It's hard to try and recall two years of grad school work in a span of weeks. It's even harder when some subjects were taken up as far as 2001! My long term memory has been overextended already.

Calatagan was great-- for one whole day I actually forgot the time and enjoyed what I was doing-- even if it involved statistica and SPSS. Cha is right, the place makes the day a little bit longer.

My mom and my sister are keeping a comps countdown on me.. I wish May 7 and 14 would just fly by. Pwede kayang matulog at gumising na tapos na ang May 14? hehehe. =)

Now if only I would stop thinking about things that I shouldnt be worrying about and worry about things that are indeed worth thinking of...

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