Monday, April 18, 2005

blooperfilled tournament and great friends

Last saturday was my most blooperfilled tournament ever... Try playing badminton and realizing that you forgot your shoes! hahaha. So embarassing. Thank God for great friends who are willing to rescue me from my katangahan. Thank you again Peter!! =) lifesaver ka!

Forgetting my shoes was not the end of it. The day before my level got dissolved leaving me with almost no tournament. Had to find a new partner the last minute to play at a different level and practiced the last minute as well. Fortunately the tandem worked and we made it to finals. =) So many other bloopers not worth mentioning here anymore but I just thank the heavens for a great tournament. Thanks partner Marie!

One thing I learned from all these-- I am loved by friends. And that is the most endearing experience in life-- knowing that people really care for you. And that when things go really really wrong, friends would make the rainbow shine again.

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