Saturday, May 20, 2006

Kupal Magnet

My sister won the "Toxic Magnet" award during their class' post internship party the other night. She has the luck of attracting all the weirdest patients everytime she was on duty during her internship year. In a supposedly benign rotation, she would get all the toxic patients. One time she had 16 or so critically ill patients in one duty night.

If Ves is the toxic magnet, I seem to be the "kupal magnet." hahaha! Karen said I should write about the twin popsies and the pospy of my life. I guess God must think I have the patience of a turtle. Ang tagal ko bago mabwiset. Haay! I have always believed in the goodness of people I guess. And maybe that is what that gets me into trouble. I am so nice to people that I attract the kupals of this world.

The twin popsies came as no surprise. I've met their wrath before. I thought they changed but I guess old habits die hard. Imagine to sell out your friends for what? winning a game? And the worse part is they stupidly let you know about it. Kupal na nga, medyo naging eng eng pa. Hay naku!Nagalit tuloy si Speaker of the House!

The pospy is another thing. That hurts. To think I considered her to be a good friend. I was betrayed behind my back for reasons I still don't know. A friend said, "isa ka lang sa mga biktima niya." I really don't get it-- how some people can be so mean to others. Especially to people who were nothing but nice to you and your loved ones. That really hurt. I guess what made it more hurtful was the fact that she was (and perhaps still is) trying to destroy the most important aspect of my life. She acted like a friend but behind my back she was pure cruella deville (my sincere apologies to cruella). That was total betrayal at its finest.Kupaldom to the max.

I often ask myself why must she hate me that much. I guess I just don't see myself hating another for no reason at all. Karen says I am a beaver. I guess so. Maybe I am indeed too nice. But I guess I'd rather be nice than be someone like pospy. I've never said anything bad to her or at her. Yet until now I still hear bad things about me. Di ko maintindihan. Sometimes I wonder what I ever did to merit such treatment. I guess some people are just mean. But although I may have the patience of a turtle, if she hurts my best friend or any other person I love, I swear sasagasaan ko siya.

Sabi ni macre bilog ang bola. Iikot din ang mundo. Darating din ang karmi niya. I don't wish her harm. I wish her a better life instead. For her and the twin popsies. I wish them better lives to make up for the pathetic way they are living theirs.

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Ina said...

one word mare, INGIT! mga ingit lang yang mga kupal na yan. hehehe!