Monday, April 03, 2006


Memories serve two purpose in life. They offer a sense of remembrance of the good times and they leave a sense of nostalgia over days gone by. I was texting Ella this evening that our Subic trip was a year ago yesterday. We both couldn't believe that it was only 366 days ago when we had our gluttony trip to Days Hotel in Subic with Peter. We were only three but it felt like we were one whole baranggay. We had so much fun then. I still remember the entire trip as if it was only yesterday.

How time indeed fly. Imagine that was one year ago. So many things has happened since then. We gained new friends and lost old friends. I earned a degree and got a new lease in life. Everything's different now.

On days like today when it's almost impossible to smile, I look back on days like our Subic trip to remind me that once upon a time I had the best smile. It gives me both hope and fear about the future. Hope that things will become better soon and fear that things will never be like they were before.

It's confusing to describe how I feel right now. I just know that things are quite hard today. Especially today.

So I hold on to my memories and hope and pray.. Tomorrow after all is another day.

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