Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Big Decisions and Adventures at KL

Big decisions have to be made real soon..sooner than I expected. There are days when I feel okay about it but there are days when I simply want to ignore it all. Yet I know I can't. Sometimes its hard to be brave.

Was in KL last week and had a fun adventure figuring out the streets and sights of Malaysia. I arrived late Wednesday night. I had to find my way out of their massive airport and get to a cab to the city to my hotel. By the time I checked in, I was just too tired to even think. The next day I went to visit Semenyih and met Lizda, Angeli and the rest of the nottingham folks. It was fun. The place was sooo huge. I think Ateneo would fit in the garden alone. hahaha. In the afternoon I rode back to the city with some mba guys who gave me my first real tour of malaysian food. They took me to a local carinderia and made me eat my nth pancit of the day. I liked it except of course by then I was so sick of eating noodles. hahaha. I went out that night with one of the guys I met there and had a blast drinking beer and just walking around the city with him. Didn't even notice my foot was bleeding already. I was in high heels (I know.. I shouldn't have.. but who could resist wearing something soo pretty?!) so my feet got hurt. Friday was spent figuring out more shopping places. I went to Suria in KLCC and took some pictures of the famous Petronas Towers. I could not get up the view deck as they ran out of tickets for the day. Too Bad. I went around Bukit Bentang for the rest of the day searching for souvenirs and going on a shoe shopping spree. Malaysia is heaven for shoe lovers like me.

Still I looked forward to going back to Manila. I was so excited to go back home to my tropa and play my beloved game of badminton. I arrived 5 pm and rushed my way through duty free and dinner to play at 9pm. Tito Boy joked that I was a true addict-- imagine going straight to play/training after a four hour plane ride. I guess I just relished the thought of playing so much.

Im gonna miss those plays. I havent figured out what to do next if I do say yes or no. What I do know is that I have to decide real soon..

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Anonymous said...

Were you offered a job in Malaysia? Nice. Whatever your decisions are, they will be great and you'll do well.