Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's been one long tuesday morning and to think I don't even have class today. I was up as early as 3:30 am trying to finish a psych report I was making for my mom. I admit it was major cramming (I needed it by 9am) but it was not because of procrastination that my report got delayed (reasons!reasons!hahaha!).. Honest! I just had so much to do over the weekend. It usually takes me two weeks to do an entire test battery but this time I had literally two days!
Thus by noon time today I was already grouchy from fatigue. I had a client the entire morning and my phone was also swamped with text messages from my badminton tropa asking if we were playing tonight (I'm sooo looking forward to playing!!). Ella jokingly texted that when it rains, it really pours! Oh so true!! I went to the gas station when this car was so kupal to overtake me and two other vehicles who were waiting in line for the tire pressure checking area. Talk about kupal! And she had the gall to demand to be served first even when the gas boy told her she was still third in line. I am ashamed to call her a fellow atenean. I hope she has one hell of an emergency otherwise I hope she get's a big karmi on the way home. When I got to AdMU, I faced another kupals.. our dear pearly was screaming why I didnt return the room keys (which by the way I did not even borrow!she mistakenly accused me of getting it). I told her that my mom returned it to her at noon when she lost her temper and screamed, "wala siyang binibigay!" The irony was, it was just right in front of her.I pointed the keys to her and said, "ayan oh!".
If I had been less of a gracious individual I would have bitten her head off and embarrassed her in front of all the people. But takot ako sa karmi so nagwalk out na lang ako..
bakit ba kasi may mga bwiset sa mundo? pwede bang itapon na lang sila sa exile island?! hahaha
ilang linggo na lang...

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Ina said...

hay mare... ganyan talaga ang mga KUPAL sa mundo.... kung pwede lang sana.... kaso bad eh.... may paglalagyan din yang mga kupal na yan... ipagdasal nalang natin sila.... God bless them... Charos!