Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Midnight Snack at Jollibee..

I once heard a story that the reason why Jollibee was named as such because its supposed to be a place where people work hard but are happy. In a seminar I gave in Ilocos a couple of years back an old lola cried how her biggest dream is to be able to bring her apo to eat chickenjoy at jollibee.

Somehow Jollibee seems to bring comfort to everyone-- be it children or adults. Last night I got to experience that comfort for myself.

After playing badminton, Luis and I brought Byo to work at eastwood. The three of us chatted the entire ride from Byo's place to Eastwood where she's in the night shift. Afterwards Luis and I decided to stop by Jollibee in Libis to eat. We were both craving for chickenjoy and jolly hotdog. I ordered chickenjoy, fries and peach mango pie while Lolo Luis had chickenjoy, jolly hotdog taco style, and choco mallow pie. YUMMY!!

Pigging out on our comfort foods, we laughed about the adventures we had the past weeks and shared our thoughts on the issues that seem to hound our lives (sige na nga mine na lang!hehe). There's something comforting in a pack of peach mango pie and choco mallow pie that makes everything seem okay. Luis teased me about being his human target for the night (pakainin ba ko ng shuttle!!hehehe) for he hit me in the body 5 times!But he also congratulated me for lasting in our singles match (hey! improving ang score ko! naka 5 na ko!) kahit na halos mamataymatay ako.

We ate till we could eat no more. I got home at 2am full and sleepy. We were thinking of visiting Lou and Pau pa but because it was already quite late, we decided to just skip it.

I told Luis how thankful I was to have our friendship these days. He's been there for me so much lately. Even his gf Beaulah whom I've known only for a while but whom I found to be easy to talk to and admiringly cool about the recent issues has been really nice. And I'm grateful for that.

Luis and I started out as badminton buddies and then carpool partners and now we are the best of friends. And despite the issues lately, I think the reason why we both remain good friends is because we both know how each means to the other and we remain honest to the friendship.

Some things are indeed worth smiling for. Kahit na napupuno ako ng pasa kaka body shot ni lolo, masaya pa din ako. He inspires me to thread on no matter what and to push myself beyond my limits.

If there's one thing I'm gonna miss when I leave for Malaysia, it's these chikka nights in jollibee and burger machine. Sana pwede ang delivery sa Malaysia. hehehe.

I guess it's really true that sometimes we have to learn to say goodbye and let go to make way for the new. Goodbye may be sad but with every goodbye we learn-- we learn to say hello to the chance to start anew. I had to say goodbye to an old life recently but I also got to say hello to a new one. I'm not used to it yet but I take comfort in the thought that no matter what happens I will find a way to be happy.

And though it pains me to know that some things will never be the same, I find comfort in the thought that Jollibee moments will always be there. At may makulit akong partner na handang saluhan ako sa chickenjoy. =)

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