Friday, November 10, 2006

Singles Match Miracles

Last night I played singles against Luis on court. Well modified singles that is-- we just played in one half of the court and all shots beyond that half is considered out (you might say, it's more for training of control of shots). We played 8 sets in all (rally point-1 to 21). First we tried the right side then the left side and then the two diagonals. Ever since I can remember I would always end up losing (or should I say massacred) in singles against luis (or against anyone). I just simply do not have the leg power to last in singles. Last night I scored my first ever double digit score in history. The first set I scored a 10 I was shouting for joy. Moreso when my score reached 14.

Luis is not the type who gives leeway because I'm a girl. No mercy pa din yon. Every time we train or play together, I always end up getting a pasa courtesy of his body shots. Last night our friends were kidding him about his no mercy treatment of me on court. But I never take that against him. In fact I rather enjoy the challenge (sige na nga masochist ako!).Luis pushes me to go beyond my limits. He'd never take excuses from me and would continue to push me until I can push no more. And I find it heartwarming that he believes in my capacity to go beyond mediocrity.

The games ended with me losing all the matches. But I felt a winner nonetheless. I used to lose badly to luis before and last night we had some very good rallies out there. And partner luis was proud. I could barely walk off court afterwards. He even had to bring me my water bottle coz I could not move anymore. During the last set I was so tired that my legs would not move in the way I want it to move but I pushed on nonetheless. I couldn't bring myself to disappoint my partner.

After our 8 set challenge, he still pushed me further by doing drills with me. My task was to receive all his jump smashes. Para na akong statue sa court kasi di na ako makagalaw. But I still tried anyway. Was able to return most of his smashes except the ones that required me to move far.hehehe.

Finally we retired at 12:00 midnight. Tita connie was kidding us na sasaraduhan na kami ng ilaw sa court. Willy also joked that we were masochists for doing all those drills. I dropped luis home at 1230 am and on my drive back home, I was too sleepy for words. When I got home I fell asleep exhausted on our bean bag in the sala. I didn't even make it to the bedroom. Woke up at 5:40 am na!

I was bone tired but felt like I was on top of the world. I made myself proud last night. And with two more weeks of play left, I know every moment is worth cherishing. I will truly miss our kulitans and drills on court (sige na kahit ang mga makabagbag damdamin mong pasabog! hahaha!). Kung pwede lang sana ang malaysia i-commute araw araw, para pwede pa din ako maglaro.

wish ko lang.

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