Wednesday, January 16, 2008

24 hours

If you had only 24 hours left to live, how would you like to live it?

Some people do not know the value of one day. They take it for granted. I almost did. Fortunately Ella reminded me of how special 1 day was. On my last day in Manila, I spent a few hours bitching over the fact that I couldn't do the things I want because of duties. And although it was childish and fickle, I was really so annoyed that I was "losing" my last day to just waiting in traffic and lining up in empty hallways.

Then I realized that I still had the rest of my 24 hours to live. By being annoyed and bitchy I was depriving myself the chance of being happy on my last day. So I did the next best thing-- I enjoyed what was left of my 24 hours and created memories to last me through until my next trip home.

In the final 24 hours I...

... played badminton with my original badminton group-- CUBES at Chut's. Had a blast playing with the boys once more.
... partnered with an old friend in a mixed doubles game that reminded me of my old form-- despite the long hiatus of our old partnership, he still brings out the competitive side in me.
... became friends again, even for a few minutes with someone. Kahit isang saglit.
... met up with the p10 girls for a traditional shakey's dinner of our favorites-- pepperoni crunch, basket of mojos, chicken and chips, and captain's choice of appetizers.
... paid a visit to enzo and Kim. took gazillions of pics again of our beloved inaanak and made some last minute chikka about our lives.
... played pusoy dos with my cousins after almost 10 years of hiatus. We used to have pusoy dos challenges when we were younger with our own scoring system to match. Ves used to win those games hands down. Until now she remains the champ.
... met some long lost relatives whom I haven't seen in ages.
... ate crispy ulo from baliwag's lechon and bought sweet corn from ateneo.
...called ella one time to many to update her about my whereabouts and doabouts-- I will miss our telebabad nights again.
... bonfire grill with divina, tetet, and jai. I didnt feel like "emoting" at home so I decided to show up to the post shakey's hangout.
... had my final eat out with idol at Figaro in sgt. esguerra. He treated me to a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a small chocolate cake-- this was tradition-- something Idol and I haven't broken (technically). He's always the last person I go out with every time I am home.

As I Anthony and I were leaving Figaro, I felt a twinge of nostalgia and regret. Idol gave me a box of toblerone chocolates (like the ones he gave me back in September) and we finally said our final goodbye. Weren't it for the realization that my mascara wasn't waterproof, I was literally on the verge of crying. Because at that moment it finally hit me-- that that was goodbye. I was going back to Malaysia the next day.

The tough part about going home I guess is leaving again especially when you've come to realize how much home meant. It would be a while again before I could just make a quick call to ella and classmate adrian and just say out of the blue, "tara lunch out tayo!" or have one of my late night dinners with Luis and Byo at Eastwood or tease idol in person while sipping our favorite cups of coffee (winnie the pooh and honey pie!hehehe) plus seeing weevens cringe with "imbyerna" whenever we speak about the soulmates RQ and V(Q?)

But still I'm happy. I'm happy I had 21 beautiful days. And I had 24 final hours to relish each one of those days.

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