Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Coffee-Hyperiffic day

I used to be a noncoffee drinker. I used to hate the smell of coffee so much that I would even ask Banjo back in college not to drink it while I was around. Ganon ko siya kaayaw. But through the years I learned to occasionally drink it until I discovered coffee in the UK. Ever since my UK trip, I've turned into a new coffee lover.

Last monday I experienced my first real coffee high. hahaha. I was literally in hyper mode the whole day thanks to the multiple coffee stops idol (a.k.a. winnie the pooh) and I made the entire day while working on his "baby" aka "thesis." We had breakfast in mcdo followed by coffee in starbucks. Then we had lunch at Dencio's (where I had coke) followed by tea in Figaro. By the time we got to Figaro in commonwealth I was in extra hyper mode already.

Yesterday I was in day 2 of my hyperrific coffee day. I don't know what was in the coffee at idol's house but after I cup I was in hyper mode na. To shut me up, he gave me his discussion chapter to read. hehehe. Di pa kami nadala, nag figaro pa uli kami while waiting for welibird to come out of class. More hyperness. hehehe. By the time we were eating lunch I was in my extra makulit mode already.

Thus when I got home last night I felt the sugar crash in my system.. plakda! After my chikka with ella, I was asleep faster than one could count from 1-10. hehe.

The hyper mode worked though coz we did manage to get a lot of work done. Kaya dapat matapos na yang thesis na yan.. para yung libre ko matuloy na. hehehe.

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