Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ariantart's visit

Yesterday I had my first visitor for 2008-- Arian. We were orgmates in college and while she was still an applicant she became my sort of "adopted buddy" by virtue of her being Peter's buddy. Through the years weve remained in contact. We've never forgotten each other during the important dates like birthdays (she shares the same birthday with peter) and holidays. We even got to play badminton once or twice. She was like a little sister to me in MMC.

So yesterday she came over for an overnight visit on her way back from Melbourne to Manila. We went around KL to explore some of the city's highlights. Of course there was the traditional trek up the skybridge of Petronas and the "must" stop to buy vincci shoes. We walked around Merdeka square and took pictures around the city's well known landmarks.

It was nice to reminisce with her about our old college adventures. Ang dami na palang kinasal, ikakasal, nagbreak, nagkabalikan, nagbreak muli, etc. After a long day of nonstop walking, we took her to Kinrara to introduce her to malaysian streetfood.

Till the next visitor...

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