Monday, October 20, 2008

Defining a Good Day

Define a Good Day.

Its when you wake up without expecting anything out of the ordinary to come your way but ending up getting surprised.

It's when you are dead tired from a long and tiring activity and someone makes you feel that you can still find the energy to laugh and just be happy.

It's listening to the silliest songs while learning about magic.

It's hanging around, doing nothing, without care for the world.

It's finding a good buy (new tripod!) in the middle of a somehow boring photography fair.

It's eating nachos and drinking beer, making walking in the rain oh so worth it.

It's when you get good news one after the other despite the fact that you are sick.

It's when you receive a teddy bear from a sister who is sorely missed or an email from a friend who brings the good news of a thesis finally finished.

It's when you get to share the day with the people who matters to you.

A good day is like a magic card trick. You never know when it's coming but when it does come, everything just seem to fall rightfully in their place.

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