Wednesday, February 02, 2005

just friends

Late last night a girlfriend of mine sent me a message of how being just "a friend" has been a great disservice to herself through the years. "I am just a friend, that's all I'll ever be" says a classic song from the movies. Cheesy but to a lot of people it makes sense. And to many of us, its so true.

In the art of falling in love, one often wonders how come there are so many dense people out there? People who seem not to notice how they keep on looking for someone whose always been there with them all along. Funny isn't it? We all look for the one, yet when the one does show up, more often than not, we don't even recognize the person. And it makes me wonder, are people really that dense?!

My friend's message made me think of the old days. And it reminded me of my own pathetic stories (hahaha) of failed attempts and icky moments. I laugh at them now. But I remember those times when I too cried over some person because "I was just a friend." But those are part of the past-- beautiful memories that should be just left like that--memories.

Lovelives come and go but friendships last forever. So perhaps being "just a friend" isnt exactly bad (Rationalization! hahaha). One thing I know that holds true for me is that if you're a friend-- even just a friend, you will always be a friend. And friends do not abandon each other just because the other do not see you the way you want to be seen. I would never trade my friends for the world. Without them life would simply be too dull (at maiiwan ako kina grand diva magisa! oh no!)

Sana kasi simple na lang ang buhay. Wish ko lang. =P

Kulang lang siguro ako sa tulog... =P

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