Friday, February 18, 2005

another friday and olie's newest adventures

Another friday, another color coding day. finally gotten used to waking up early and rushing to beat the 7am mmda deadline. Three more weeks of like this and its FREEDOM!!!Yahoo!!!

My cat Oliver was injured the other day-- he fought with some neighborhood cats. Ayun, limping tuloy. Kawawa. He does have a knack for getting you to pity him. The other night, he was able to cajole my mom into letting him sleep in the aircon room with us instead of being sent out to his bed in the terrace. My mom said he looked so pitiful that she couldnt bear to let him sleep in the heat. Sosyal na pusa! He woke me up at 3am because he needed to go out to his potty. I'm proud to say, my baby is well toilet trained. He can be overly makulit at times but he is quite intelligent. He is also super matakaw. Last friday, he downed 3 plates of pancit in one sitting. My sister fears that Olie will become a diabetic or die from obesity one day.

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