Friday, February 11, 2005


Made it to class just in time.. For a moment there I thought I would have a heart attack. Just when I was about to print the most important paper of my life (a.k.a chapter 1 of my dissertation), my computer hangged and rebooted by itself. I wanted to scream and die. Fortunately, I was able to save my work a few minutes before saving my life from sure death. =) After printing, I found myself rushing through Balara traffic (which unfortunately was baaaaaadd). Somehow people seemed to be driving particularly slow today.

15 minutes before the deadline I zooming my way across the Mcdonalds intersection and inside the ADMU campus. Now if only I could find parking.. SS parking was completely full leaving me no choice but to park in the middle of the parking area (bahala na si batman!) and make a run for it. So I gave it my Forrest Gump run and flew as quickly as I can.

I submitted my paper at exactly 11:18 am. Been awake since 2am and just downed a whole pack of Cadbury chocettes. Sugar rush.

Crammers rule!

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