Friday, May 20, 2005


I've been through this script before-- when the "other" strikes the balance. Yet I cant help but wonder why I'm still going through it at all. At the start of any relationship, you find yourself hoping and telling yourself that maybe this is it. You go through the process of the whole dating script/schema (or whatever cognitive concept you wish to call it). Then the bubble bursts. Or maybe you're just being paranoid. SOmetimes we tend to complicate things. I dont know why I do it but I do. I'm human and I'm shinky. This is shinky-ness at its finest.

My bestfriend tells me I should not attempt to understand at all. Maybe I should do that. Still have a lot more important things to think about. Or so I believe.

So why go through it all? Why bother when you'd end up getting yourself shinky anyway? Simple-- because by going through it, you open yourself to the chance of opening new doors. And perhaps more simply put--because by going through it, I find myself singing more and more everyday-something I seem to have forgotten for quite sometime now.

And that to me is bliss.

For that I am grateful to you.

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