Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today I decided to...

Today I decided to have a haircut. Wala lang. Just to have a brand new start.People say that to know when someone is feeling blue check if they took a trip to the beauty parlor. True... A good haircut can always cure the blues.

Today I decided to change my phone lines.. New life din. It's time to get rid of the old and let in the new. They say when God closes a door, he will always open a window. Now that I feel that a certain door is closing, I'd like to pave the way for the opening of the windows. Hey maybe its the roof that will open this time. hahaha.. So if you're my friend, expect a message from me soon..

Today I decided to eat out and have fun.. Yummy lunch out with weevens and oliver sure made my day. Instead of boring old cafeteria food, I got to eat gindara fish in bento box along with polvoron looking (but tasty) tofu crunch. It was great laughing with the guys especially Weeven's stories about "sushi" and "asukal"

Today I decided not to think about you much.. I just don't know if it worked but I sure did try.

Today I decided I do not want to get hurt. Because today I decided I wanted to be happy. And I tried. And I will continue to try.

I'll be okay.

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Anonymous said...

Mare, what's wrong? Sorry kung lately hindi na tayo masyado nagkikita-kita ng barkada... siguro sobrang daming iniisip lang at daming ginagawa ang iba... hay... daming problema... minsan gusto ko naring sumuko, pero alam ko may mission pa ko.. lalo na sa nanay ko. Hay.. dami kong kwento... tigas lang talaga ng mukha ko kaya di halata dito sa bahay... sana makapag usap-usap tayong lahat... i miss you... -ina-