Tuesday, October 18, 2005

And Life Goes On..

I admit, the past couple of weeks have been a struggle for me both physically and emotionally. The last weeks of school was so hectic that I barely had time to even write here in my blog. Add that to the emotional rollercoaster that I've been going through. Not that I wasn't happy--most of the time I was and I still am. But still, it was one hell of a ride.

One thing I learned though is that no matter what happens or how stressful life may be, life goes on. Even if you don't want to at times, it does go on. And even though things don't look any clearer than the way they were several weeks ago, things eventually settled down to being okay once more. It took one pair of smiles. Babaw no? But that's me, mababaw lang ang kaligayahan.

Lost in a major tournament last week but I was still happy. It was my first mixed tournament outside of the ateneo circles and the pamilya badminton group. My partner was my favorite mixed partner-peter and we breezed through our first two elims. Unfortunately, a case of bad food combinations and hangover from george's birthday did us in the next day and we lost. No one's to blame. We both had our share of errors (lots of it). We're really partners I guess-- if one is playing good, the other one is playing good as well; pero pag bad game naman, pareho na bad game. hehehe.

So now its sem break for me, but I don't really feel it. Still have a lot of lose ends to tie up before I leave for Ilocos next week and Singapore the week after.The questions still remain for now. But as I said earlier, life has to go on.

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