Saturday, October 22, 2005

A "Tire"ring Day

The magnet of bloopers strikes again. For the nth time, I was once again rescued by partner in another one of my would be classic bloopers. I went to Len's house to accompany her in grocery shopping for our upcoming Ilocos trip. Was out of sync the whole morning due to lack of sleep and Karen's ground breaking text message. Literally I was a walking zombie. Len and Raf were telling me that I was "windang" the entire time. Even Len's parents' in law noticed how I was out of my self. Who wouldn't be?

As I was leaving Riverbanks to go to Ateneo, I noticed that my car looked slightly different. True enough it was. I had a flat tire! Imagine my shock at seeing my front tire dead flat. My hangover completely disappeared. After 30 seconds of letting it all sink in, I called Len and told her about my wonderful blooper. Len in turned texted my resident super hero/rescuer-- sino pa eh di si Tommy este Peter pala. :) The -one- who- never- text responded so quickly to Len's text that Len wanted to have mass said in his honor. hehehe.

Len and I attempted to change the tire on our own while waiting for Peter. In principle I knew how to change a flat tire. I've assisted in one before (with my other car) but theory doesn't always work perfectly. A manong came by to help us because we really looked pathetic. When he asked for the jack, Len gave him the tire wrench. The look on his face was enough to drive me to fits of laughter.

The night before Ella, Aldwin, Peter and I were even having a discussion about our spare tires and how we've never used ours. I thought it was prophetic in a way--who would have thought that I'd end up using mine just the day after. My flat tire was the perfect ice breaker for Peter and I. I wasn't sure if he would want to talk to me again yesterday after what happened earlier that morning. But he came. And again I saw how he really took time to help me in another one of my classic scrapes. Too many to mention na the times he had to rescue me from my bloopers.

After changing my tire, he went with Len and I to the vulcanizing shop because it turned out my spare was also almost flat. By then it was already past 3pm and we were both color coded for the rest of the afternoon. He could not go home anymore so we ended up going to Len's place and chatting till past 10pm. Macre and Mark wanted to play badminton but ditched plans because of court problems. Macre was so kulit over the phone (no comment lang ang masasabi ko mare.hehehe) Our other set of friends-- Ella, Lyzet and Aldwin also wanted to go out for dinner but we declined. We were both quite tamad to leave our posts. As George mentioned before, mga fixtures na kayo dito sa garden! We feasted on cheeseburgers, cheeseroll, spanish bread, junk food and our favorite choco nuts. We had a grand time teasing each other to death with our never ending stories. I don't know how we do it but we never run out of stories to tell about each other despite seeing each other almost everyday. When George arrived, the two boys had a drinking session while Len and I were the gro's. By the time I noticed it, it was already 10pm.

What can I say? The day started with a bang and ended up in bliss. I was so lost in the morning because of the shocking things that happened and lack of sleep. I was really out of it. But life has a way of giving you lemonade after picking lemons. And I realized that no matter how bad things may seem, rainbows will always appear after the rains. And once again I am shown how much I am blessed with my friends. Peter and Len really took care of me yesterday. I will always be grateful for them.

Someday when I am old and I am asked by God if I had a happy life, I'd think about yesterday and gladly say yes. Life may not be always perfect but with wonderful people in my life, it's almost heaven.

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