Monday, October 31, 2005

Victory at Powerade

powerade3027WinningPartnership-new.jpgThey say that the third try is always the charm. We proved that right last sunday when after 3 tries and 3 different partners at powerade, I finally emerged victorious and won the level 8 women's doubles championship. It was one tournament I'll never forget. After all, it was the first time I qualified beyond the elimination round. The first time I joined powerade last march, I suffered a heartbreaking 0-3 win loss card. During the second powerade, my partner Marie and I improved my standing to 1-2. Unfortunately, pressure and better teams got to us. Now for the third edition of powerade, I teamed up with Taryn and finally emerged victorious--champs at last.powerade3030Werenumber1-new.jpg

Our first game was an easy one. We easily defeated our foes 21-5. The second game was scary-- we lost a 10 point lead to trail 16-13. We had a lot of errors that our opponents took advantage of.

powerade3031hazelanongdramayan-copy.jpgFortunately for us, we were able to regroup in the end and managed to squeeze in victory at 21-19. The last elims match was another easy win. We went up against my perpetual groupmate Bing and her new partner Match. We won easily 21-6. From the semis till the finals, I think I was in a perpetual daze. I kept on throwing up in between games due to tension. I forced myself to eat endless bananas to keep my strength up. Peter sized up our semis match and told us we were up against a strong team. True enough, they were both masipag on court and nearly killed us with their crosscourt drops. Taryn was on that game and proved to be one hell of a partner when she took control of the game for us. We won and found ourselves on our second trip to the finals.powerade3012posemunakami-copy.jpg
The round robin finals pitted us against my old partner Marie and Binky and another pair of ladies. We went up against Marie and Binky in the first round in a thrilling 3 set match that lasted for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Taryn and I lost the first set 12-15 but came back in the second set 15-5. It was such a thrilling match. We were running all over the court and only our will power and peter's cheers kept us going all throughout. Binky and Marie had a band of cheerers but partner Peter did his one man show for us. He gamely cheered and coached us during the match. Len also arrived in time to give us game tips. Honestly, I was lost by then. I even took a nasty fall on court. But Taryn, Peter, and Len kept me going.

During the third set, Binky collided with Marie and destroyed her racket in the process. We took advantage (it was a tournament after all) and captured the match 15-9. I was screaming all over the court with joy when we were declared winners. My hand was shaking when I signed the umpire's score sheet. Afterwards I just sat in the line man's corner and wept my heart out. Len went up to me afterwards to congratulate me.powerade3015peterhazeltarynandlory.jpg
It was heartbreaking at the same time heartwarming. I was so happy with my victory yet at the same time sad because I took victory away from my own friend and moreso my own partner. Marie was my first successful partnership and we have good chemisty. Taryn and I used to be opponents in fact. But now were the new partners. If there were some way for us to share the championship, I would have gladly chosen that

Our last finals match was an easy win compared to our game against Marie and Binky. We easily defeated our foes in straight set victories. The crowd was long gone by then. Only Peter, lory, Chenai and Malen were there.Our other friends were now concentrated on Len and Macre's own championship game (my amigas also won the championship for level 4). powerade3033ChampsLevel4-new.jpgAnd thus at 6:30pm last sunday, we were officially declared champions.

Last sunday I went to olympic to play badminton. I didnt know that I'd get to play the game of a lifetime. To win the championship in front of the most important people in my life will be a moment I shall cherish forever. And to win in front of one's coach is a moment I'd gladly repeat over and over again. Our more than 1 year of training finaly paid off. Victory never tasted so sweet.powerade3037Thechampions-copy.jpg

The championship would not have been possible if not for these people-- they kept me going and believed in me even when I found it hard to believe in myself. And they taught me that dreams do come true if you believe hard enough and you go for it.powerade3051Championkamipareho-copy.jpg

1. Peter-my one man cheering squad, water boy, coach, alalay, motivator, and friend rolled into one. He's always been there for me not only during the games but also in many ways possible. This one's for you partner.
2. Len-Whatever I know about badminton, I owe it to this lady--my coach and friend who believed in me and taught me that anything is possible if I work for it.
3. Taryn- My partner and friend. Galing mo talaga partner!!
4. Lory, chenai, malen, and our other cheerers (and jeerers)-- whether on or off court, you guys cheered us and pushed us to fight on. For the rest, thank you for challenging us to go beyond our capacities and believe in our dreams
powerade3040Theofficialcheerleaders-new.jpg5. Our opponents especially Marie and Binky-- for giving us the fight of our lives. Great game mga marekoy.
6. Karen,Mark, Macre, George & the Pamilya Badminton- For practicing with us and for believing in us.
7. Weevens- the one who got me stated into competing in badminton tournaments--truly world class ka senyorito.

and for the all the others who I failed to mention, Maraming Maraming Salamat.

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