Monday, September 25, 2006

Birthday Marathon

I celebrated 7 birthdays over the past five days. That does not include all the other friends who also celebrated their birthdays last week. I think I have what you call a birthday hangover. Too much eating and laughing that my sides actually hurts now when I laugh.

The first birthday celebrated was that of Marlou and Ves last thursday. The tropa gave a semi surprise party to Luis, Marlou and Peter while Ves and I endured a night long drama to culminate hers. =) The party was fun but the drama was not.

Friday was Pabu's birthday (also eugene's). The entire ateneo department of psychology celebrated pabu's 84th birthday. There was a mass and a big party afterwards. I made a video documenting the wonderful life of pabu whom Im honored to be named after.

Saturday the gang celebrated Peter's birthday again after Baby's birthday tournament at playersbest. I lost the finals slot due to the weirdest scoring system ever (no semis, just scores) in a tournament marked by what was supposed to be "standard badminton rules!" Funny yon! imagine a race to 21 set na may deuce at setting. Or a rule book that was easily changed as one changed one's shirt. Nonetheless I had fun. I just took everything in stride. We finished third place.I got to do what I practiced over and over again for the past three weeks-- return a jumpsmash as a drop without cringing or making an error. hehehe.

Then sunday, I cooked for my sister's party. I was up at 6am to cook for her battalion of guests who started arriving at noon. I made pasta, chicken and pork adobo, salsa, ampalaya salad, and ordered pancit, lechon, shanghai, etc. It was my sister's first party in years. My own barkada came at 8pm. And we got drunk till almost 2am. Just in time to celebrate Luis' official birthday.

Today, I just came from the gym and Luis' house where the two of us pigged out on Ate Grace's creation of Kare kare and Lechong Kawali. Buti na lang nag work out kami before. Sulit ang crunches at lunges. =)

The birthday marathon isn't over yet. Birthdays pa nina Idol and Weevens. What I just love about birthdays is that you get to see the people whom you havent seen in years. And you get to be with the people who matter to you. And most of all you get to be friends again with those who decided to disappear forever even for just one night. =)

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