Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Davao Adventures

The last time I went home to Davao was way back in 1998. When I was younger, we used to spend christmas and summer vacations there with my grandparents, my aunts, uncles and our cousins. But as I grew up the trips home became less and less.

Thanks to Cebu Pacific's 10 peso promo fares last march, I got to go home last week for the first time in eight years. I went with my best friend Ella and her officemates and we had the most wonderful time of our lives. Our host, Papa Roger (a.k.a Samal's very own Mayor) graciously gave us the best tour of samal island ever. We went to four resorts in one day ( Paradise Island, Fernandez Resort, Duldulao's Private Resort, Pearl Farm) and created our own roads along the mountains thanks to Kuya Bogs, our super driver. Finally got to go inside the Pearl Farm and swim in the clear blue waters of Kaputian town, Samal.

Of course what trip would it be without bloopers. Papunta pa lang nagiipon na kami starting with Adrian's navigation skills in Marikina and Nicole's vase incident at the airport. In samal, who could forget Maam Liza's batcave gifts (di kinaya!), Maam Marivic's goggles, the waves that caused Beks to do a 360 tumbling and my very own blooper at the Antalan's private resort. Nearly drowned when the big waves came. "Buti na lang may superhero na sumagip sa kin. hahaha. At least sulit lahat ng kinain namin diba? We pigged out on seafoods and lechon. I don't think I've ever eaten as much bangus in my life than last weekend. We ate like every 2 hours. We're all fat now but who cares, it was the best meals ever!

Aside from the great food, Davao will also be remembered for its wonderful beaches. The white sand and clear blue waters remind me of how life's most beautiful treasures are those not found inside our malls or cities but rather those found in mother nature. It was my first time to go to the beach for the year and all I can say is that the wait was worth it.

After two days in Samal island, we left for the city proper. There we continued our eating and pasyal frenzy starting with Jack's ridge in Matina. We ate Bulalo, pancit, calamares, and fried chicken to celebrate Maam Marivic's birthday. We even had a live band serenade us while eating. After dinner we went home to Papa's house in tierra nova where we all fell asleep dead tired. Sina ella, naglasing muna sa ice cream.hehehe

The next day we went on a city tour starting off with the Philippine Eagles. We visited Pag-asa and learned of Kabayan's sad fate in the rainforests. We took never ending pictures and shopped for our pasalubongs. After lunch the group finally went on their separate ways. Anne and Moses checked in at the Waterfront Hotel, the others went on to Aldevinco and Crocodile farm, and I went home to my grandparents' house in Belisario to spend time with my relatives. I went out with my cousins Tryke and Mikko who gave me the nightlife tour of Davao City. Even if I felt kinda old mingling with such a young crowd I still had a great time.

Sunday, Ella and the rest of the gang departed for manila while I stayed on for another day to spend with my lolo and lola. Mama Fe and I went to church ( I Drove!!) then went out to shop at my uncle's store, Lots For Less. Later that afternoon my tito mannie and tita malou took me out to shop for pasalubong at SM City Davao before heading home to pack.

Five days of non stop eating and pasyal. Five days after eight years of absence. I hope it won't take another eight years for me to go back though. Davao will always be my second home.

Ngayon back to reality na.. Can't wait to play tonight. hehehehe.=P

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