Monday, September 18, 2006

Victory at Rush

(I am reposting this blog because of some errors I apparently committed in the posting. I do apologize for the mistakes. Blame it on Human frailties, no malice intended =))

Another tournament passed by and fortunately we won again. It was not the much coveted championship but finishing 1st runner up against a formidable pair was an achievement I will always remember.And most of all competing in the finals against your friends is a total dream come true.

Last week Mark, Macre, Luis, and I joked that we'd see each other in the finals of the Rush Interclub Tournament at Greenpark. We prayed that we won't end up being grouped together and fortunately we didnt. Luis and I were in Group A, Mark and Macre were in Group B while Kei and Rb were in Group C. After a shaky start, Luis and I won our first game in a three set game. Buti na lang. I was so conscious about my play that I started to foul up on court. Thank God pasensyoso si partner who kept pushing me to just play like it was an ordinary game. He was patient with me until I was able to finally relax on court. We won the rest of our elimination matches with relative ease. My high school seatmate, Grace came by too. We had a reunion after 3 years of not seeing each other on court.

In the semis we faced Greenpark's own Kuya Morris and Ate Connie. There were lots of catcalls on courts ranging from casual jokes to cheers and jeers. Naranasan namin na maglaro na ang cheerers ay para lahat sa kalaban But it remained a fun game. We won the first set easily and rallied in the end to win the second set in an exciting fashion 21-19. I ended up falling on the floor twice (This was what I meant when I said I dived on court not once but twice with the matching tumbling. buti na lang taraflex)The final shot was Luis' shining moment. I dived on the forehand side and found my way out of the court. With Luis left as the only man standing, our court was open to all attacks from the opponents. Fortunately our opponent fumbled the return shot giving Luis the chance to smash it midcourt to secure our trip to the finals.

Thus it became an all-playersbest finals between Mark and Macre and Luis and me. Our joke turned into reality. Before the games the three of them talked about splitting the medals and prizes regardless of who would win. And they all agreed. I was in the cr then trying to calm my nerves. So when I got out and found out about the deal it was all sealed and done with. I guess they wanted to keep the drama of money and medals out of the game and just play for the love of it and the honor of winning.

(this was where i made the errors.. fatigue makes your recall poorer so i guess that's my harm intended =))The finals was still thrilling nonetheless. We battled each other in a 3 set drama. Mark and Macre had the power while Luis and I had the endurance. In the end we lost the third set 15-21 due to a short service error by luis. How anticlimactic. hehehe. That was perhaps the best finals match I ever played-- there was no negative attitudes and jeers. It was like playing because you simply wanted to play. (I stand by these words--it was still the best finals for me. it was playing for the love of the game. I do want to apologize to my kumare if i offended her in any way)

Sabi nga ni Luis, manalo matalo kaming 4 we are still friends. And that's how the game ended--in laughter and smiles among friends. During the awarding ceremonies ang kukulit namin sa pictures. Pagkasyahin ba naman ang mga sarili sa isang medalya? Since we split the medals, Luis and I got one while Mark and Macre got another. Mark joked na bahala na kami maghati ni Luis. In my mind there was a simple answer to that--Luis gets to take home that medal. He deserved that. He brought me to the finals. He was the true hero of our partnership. Saka aalis na din naman ako eh. Partner worked hard to get us to the championship and he deserved to be always reminded of that achievement. Masaya na ako sa thought that I knew I endured in the game.I don't need medal for it.=)

I will never forget how during our last elimination match I fell down in the backcourt after running after the shuttlecock and was able to stand up right in time to return the smash of our opponent. That was one hell of a rally. It stressed the point of what the game is all about-- fighting till the end. Win or lose, its how you play the game.

We went to Len and George's for the traditional celebration. Inubos din namin ang cash prize sa beer at pizza. Luis' inspiration arrived after 3 hours (yihee!) and the party lasted till almost 1:30 am. Luis and I fell asleep na out of fatigue. Playing 5 games (plus one more fun game) was no joke. Until now my body remains numb. Add that to the fact that we even did drills after the games and that for the past two weeks the two of us have been jogging all over UP campus and lifting weights in the gym. All for the love of the game.

Rb wrote in my friendster testimonial that I would give up so much for badminton. I have to say, I agree.hehehe.

It's not an addiction. It's about finding one's bliss. And in the games I found a place where I belong.

3 championships and 1 runner up finish in my last 5 tournaments since July. Not bad for someone who until 2 years ago was always exempted from PE and never excelled in any sport.

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ladybug said...

Wow! You must be a good badminton player...congratulations! Just practice more and you'll be able to achieve your dreams. :-)