Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept 11, 2005

Last year, Sept 11, 2005, I wrote these on my blog entry:

I am loved. And that makes me the happiest girl in the

Today I realized how blessed I am to have friends who will always
be there for me.I am blessed with people who care for me that they would be
willing to fight my battles for me. That's worth more than any medal or trophy
in the world.

I was especially
touched by what my partner Peter told me at dinner and how he journeyed with me
in my struggle to keep smiling despite the pain. Peter made sure that I'd laugh
a lot tonight.Even if he wasn't feeling well either, pwedeng pwede na siyang
maging boyoyong clown. (Sige na nga master of meditation, magaaral na ako ng
hand movements ng great ohmmm.) Our practice together with Luiz was one of the
most fun games I've ever had. Pwedeng pang famas awards.

I don't know
what else to say but Thank you.

On Sept 11, 2005 we played the last edition of the Pamilya Badminton Mixed Doubles Tournaments. I partnered with Peter for the controversial tourney but we made it one of the best nonetheless. We played our last tournament at our home, Shuttlesbest.

Those were the days. Those were the days I still called Partner my second bestfriend. I still consider him as my second best friend but right now were not in goodenough terms to be called such. In a year's time I found a kindred spirit and lost a friend. All in 365 and 1/4 days. Life can really be fast.

I used to cry a lot whenever I think of what happened to us. But now I don't. Luis and I talked about it the other night how the feeling never really dies but you just learn to live and move on. I guess I learned to live and move on. I am still saddened by what happened but I know that I shall always have those wonderful memories with me.

On Sept 11, 2005 I realized how much I was loved. It did not materialize in the package I wanted it to come in but sitting on the blue bench infront of a rusty trashcan inside the sb parking lot while resting my head on the shoulder of my bestfriend was bliss. For several minutes the world stopped revolving and I didn't have to think of my fears, issues, and the kupals who made it all happen.

I will never forget that. I will never forget that once upon a time we used to be the greatest friends.

Thus when I find myself sad or even angry at times, I think of that day and remember how once upon a time when I needed a friend, he was there. He fought my battles for me and defended me in front of my enemies. He didn't try to save me but he did journey with me.

And that helps me forgive. And that makes me smile.

At least I still have badminton.

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