Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Tita Nel

We call her Tita for short-- the surrogate mom of the former tambays of Shuttles' Best Riverbanks and 1/4 of the much loved "Pamilya Badminton." And today is her birthday. I haven't seen tita in a long time since I am always moving around whenever I go back to Manila. The last time I saw her was in GBC when I popped in for a quick visit to see everyone. I still remember Tito (her better half) Noel teasing me about my weight and my partner Kei asking me what I did to balloon so much. hehe.

I rarely write about people and their birthdays in this blog but I thought I'd make an exception this time. Because today is a special day-- today is the birthday of my second mom. So I am writing this entry to tell the world how grateful I am to meet someone like her.

I first met tita in SB with tito noel. They asked me along with Vince to play with them in one of their regular games. I wasnt good yet back then. But they were geniunely nice to me. We had a great time. Then as the weeks went by I found myself spending more time with them. Eventually I became partners with Kei, their daughter and the rest was history.

Tita has this ability to make me feel loved even at my worst moment. She listens and geniunely cares for you. In one of our "talks" I remember her comforting me but at the same time she did not side with me. And that's how she is--fair. She loves all her kids (surrogate ones included) even if they bicker and fight. She will do her darnest to bridge peace but at the same time she knows when to let us fight out our own battles.

So happy birthday dear tita. I miss you lots. I miss saturdays with the rest of the pamilya. sana sa susunod kong balik, magkita kita tayong muli.

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