Saturday, March 08, 2008

Loyalties & Hell Week

Some may think of it as an asset while others would probably think I'm slightly crazy. But I have this principle in life-- That if You hurt my friend , I'll be your worst nightmare. I am extremely loyal to my friends. I will defend them to the last breathe of my life.

So be warned.

Today I missed home again. I missed it so much that I felt like wanting to just go to the airport and grabbing the next ticket available. Only I can't. Because tomorrow is the start of hell week. I will be teaching 37 hours in 8 days. Isn't it wonderful? I call it my extra challenge for march. So who could say life is boring right?

But going back.. I guess the homesickness is linked to the entry above. I miss home. I miss the people I love back home. I miss friends whom I know won't betray me or won't talk behind my back. I miss having honest to goodness REAL people around me-- people whom I could really trust. There are a few here, Im not saying there is none. But just for today, I'd like to surround myself with the warmth of my friends back home before I go into battle tomorrow.

IF you feel lost and on your own
And far from home
You're never alone you know
Just think of you friends
The ones who care
They all will be waiting there
With love to share
And your heart will lead you home.

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