Monday, December 08, 2008

Breaking Walking Records

Lizda once told me that if I could walk the entire KL, I'd probably would. They're all amazed in the office at the amount of walking I could do in a day. One time I walked from Hang Tuah to Chulan Tower which is unheard off for a lot of my local friends. Another time I walked all the way from Imbi plaza in Bukit Bintant to KLCC in a little over 10minutes time. I was meeting up with some friends for dinner and I didn't want to be late. It just never occured to me that it was that far. Heck I walked half of London in a little over a day's time in my quest to see London in its entirety over one weekend.

Yesterday I broke another walking record-- I walked from Pudu Plaza in Jalan Pudu all the way to Wendy's in Raja Chulan. If you take the LRT/Monorail that's a total of 5 stations in all. And it wasn't a straight forward walk. It included a stroll in 3 malls (Pudu plaza, times square, sungai wang) and several stop overs along the smaller side streets of jalan pudu. Before that I already walked from my apartment to the LRT station (10 minutes), and from Masjid Jamek to St. Johns to Kotaraya.

And what was in my mind when I did it? wala lang. naisipan lang namin mag explore the world. I realized yesterday that you discover a lot of hidden stuff when you're walking (i.e. ang lechon pala sa malaysia eh may ribbon sa buntot at tenga--ay ginawang girl si babi). You discover a lot of new places (may isa pang camera shop sa pudu plaza kaso closed pag sunday ng umaga at may short cut sa eskinita ng jalan pudu papuntang times square) and learn new things (dapat marunong tumiming pag tumatawid kundi matitigok ka ng maaga!) It was super tiring but it was so much fun. Wendy's frosty never tasted so good after a long day's walk.

When I finally got to PWTC for the education fair, my legs wanted to fall off. At least nabawi ko yung di ko paggym during the weekend. Major cardio workout. Angeli and Reg were laughing about my fashion disasters (that's another story) amidst my walkathon. I was so hungry at 530pm that Angeli and I finished a pizza and an order of wings in no time at all. I'm entitled to it she said. After all that walking I truly deserved to eat. hahaha.

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