Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Revisiting Lupon

The last time I went to our family's farm in Lupon, Davao Oriental was back in 1990. Today I visited the pride and joy of our clan after 18 long years. Lupon has always been considered our family heirloom. It is not only huge but also it is home to our family's dreams, blood, sweat, and tears. Papa Ernie started the farm from scratch after retiring from his office job. And now it is being managed by my uncle. 

When I was younger we used to go there more often. Back then, the roads were much more rough and we had to ride a Kia truck all the way from Davao City to Lupon. Talk about a bumpy ride! By the time we get to the farm, our hair would be plastered all over our faces. Unfortunately we all started growing up so the thrill of a 3-4 hour bumpy ride lost its zest. At the same time issues about security started to arise. There was a time when the farm was raided by armed men thus our visits became less and less. 

So last night when tito joey asked me if I wanted to come with him to the farm, I immediately said yes. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Imagine, to be able to go back to one of my childhood playground? That is a dream come true. 

The ride was still long but more comfortable. The roads were much better now and our car was definitely more high tech (Tito Jo's new Sportage was taken for a test drive). But the place remained as beautiful as ever. When we entered the rough road leading to the farm itself, I saw farmers planting rice amidst the background of mountains. It was just such a beautiful sight. 

After arriving at our farm, I tried to refamiliarize myself with the old surroundings. I saw the old copra trees covering most of the land along with other fruit trees such as mango, suha, and mangosteen. I didn't get to see the lanzones and the fish pond because we didn't have time to go around.I It was still the same old place I remembered from 18 years ago. The trees may look slightly bigger but it was still the same old Lupon that my cousins and I used to roam around in while riding a makeshift carriage dragged by a carabao. 

2 hours later we were on our way back to Davao City. I slept most of the way as I was dead tired by then. I silently said goodbye to the farm and left a promise-- that I won't wait another 18 years to come back. 

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