Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Bum

I've been home for a couple of days now. I flew to Davao the day after I arrived in Manila. So I've been feeling a bit of jet lagged for the past couple of days. On the day of my arrival I immediately went on gimik mode and met up with ella, adrian and anthony at our favorite coffee place in corinthian hills. Nakakamiss din ang coffee dates namin. We stayed till about 12mn before heading home just in time for me to repack my suitcase for Davao.

Here in Davao my gimik mode got curtailed a bit. The lack of people to go out with and the early bed time of the folks around me makes me feel more of a bum than a bakasyonista. Buti na lang I managed to go to the beach twice to see the sea. One thing nice about Davao is that the beach is so near. Just a short 10 minute drive and you're already there. Yesterday we took the ferry to Samal island and had lunch and dinner at two new resorts-- Blue waters and Blue jazz. Both were nice but I still favor paradise island. The best pa din ang orig.

I managed to do some "musts" like shopping (a bit pero kulang pa) and parlor (kulang pa din) in between driving for my uncles and my mom and grandparents. I'm so in love with the new Kia Sportage and its automatic transmission that makes driving so easy even on rough roads. My uncle let me drive his new SUV kaya naman game na game akong maging driver. I still have a long list to go through for my must do's (call bank, buy pasalubong, more parlor, etc..) not to mention a pile of checking to finish.

Talking to ella earlier over th phone, I told her how I miss our hanging out together. Hopefully we get to do that when i get back to Manila on friday.

3 more days and its Christmas!!!

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