Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Videoke Night

Decided to spend November 1 differently this year. Instead of staying home and lazing around the house, I went out with three friends for a night of bonding fun. I slept most of the day off due to our inuman the night before that lasted until 3:30 am (goodbye na lang inabot pa ng 20minutes). When I woke up it was already 3pm. I picked up Mark and Macre at 6:00pm and we met up with Peter in Greenhills shortly after. Driving was a breeze that we made it to Greenhills in less than 15 minutes.

The four of us had dinner together at Tender Bobs then went around the opened shops for some late night shopping. Macre and I had fun checking out The body shop's sale while the guys went to the local hardware store nearby (namiss daw kasi ni mark). We had coffee at Figaro afterwards and had some desserts. I tried their oatmeal fudge bar while macre tried the rum butter cake. The four of us were ready to go home when we decided to go videoke. Peter and Mark had a concert inside World Music Room KTV. May mga hidden talents pala! Peter dedicated "kahit maputi na ang buhok ko" (Sayang walang what a wonderful world) to Mark while Mark did his own rendition of "Quando Quando Quando". We sent MMS messages to Twitheart and Len who were in Tagaytay for a family outing. We had our usual national anthems--macre's breathless and my new version of till they take my heart away. We tried duets but ended up massacre-ring the Company's Now that I have you (mas maganda naman yung take two natin partner diba?hehehe). We were supposed to sing for only an hour but ended up staying till 1am laughing and singing our hearts out. Songs of the night include Whereever you go (twice pang kinanta ni peter!) and Sampaguita's Katawan.

Our videoke night was a different gimik for the four of us. It was actually our first gimik as a group outside the badminton court. Peter and I had fun watching Mark and Macre act so sweet with each other-- may pa HHWW pa. =) It was a nice change to our usual badminton. Of course we still had a usual set of asarans and bloopers. Who could forget our appetizer that ended up being served last at Tender Bobs or our misadventure looking for a CR (mga ayaw magbayad ng 10.00)? We also found ourselves semi-lost in the parking area of greenhills at 1:30 am because our navigator (peace!!) brought us out the wrong way (pasaway kasi, may harang na pasok pa din!). Goodbye took extra long as well-- talagang patagalan ang goodbyes natin no? We even had time to chat for one more time along Meralco Avenue before the four of us separated for good.

It was a perfect ending to a great night. Nothing was planned but we ended up doing all those fun things. I didnt even feel tired despite the fact that we've been going home in the wee hours of the morning for the past 2 weeks. And even though we see each other almost everyday an barely separate for a few hours, we never seem to run out of things to talk about.

Great food, great songs, great company-simply perfect.

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