Monday, November 21, 2005

Weddings and Championships

Last weekend was a fruitful one. We had our usual saturday night sessions at Len's. It was supposed to be a welcome back party for me (for my 2 day trip to Singapore two weeks ago). I cooked baked mac (special request na elbow macaroni) and salsa. Even helped Len with her laundry before I played. The gang was supposed to stay only till midnight at most but true to form, that never happened. We went home at 2:30 am. Peter was able to influence Mark to drink (kahit bawal coz we have tournament the next day) and the entire gang had a riot picking names for our kris kringle (next week's 20 peso challenge: long and hard).

Sunday, I was suddenly awakened by Len's phone call at 6am telling me our games was rescheduled earlier. From 9 am it was moved to 8am. I found myself rushing to the bathroom for a quick cold shower and driving like mad to Len's house. I drank two cans of revicon Ion energy drink to wake me up. The barkada was playing in a benefit tourney at the Alabang Raquet club for the benefit of national team member Bog's Amahit's mom who has cancer. Despite lacking sleep, we managed to win in the tournament. I partnered with Mark in mixed doubles while macre and len partnered in women's. Mareng Karen partnered with Winky in mixed doubles as well. My first time partnership with Mark proved to be fruitful as we swept our games and captured the XD level 3 championship. Len did a super woman (played double event) and won the WD level 2 championship with Macre. I have a pasa in the forehead as a souvenir, but what the heck, it was worth it. =)

After our games, I rushed home to attend Carly and theodore's wedding at the Oasis Pavillion. It was the most unique wedding I've been to. The bride was wearing flip flops underneath her gown and for cocktails, they served fishballs, squidballs and dirty ice cream. Cute. The ceremony also was quick. It lasted for only 15 minutes or so. But though it was short, it was filled with love. I realized then that it's never about how lavish your celebration is but how much love is there. You could see Carly and Theodore beaming with love and happiness and I wish them nothing but the best.

I wonder what this week holds for me. Last week started with a lot of headaches but ended quite happily. I hope this week is a good one.

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