Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Moments That Take your Breathe Away

"Live life not by how many breathes you take but by the moments that take your breathe away"

1. Tagaytay bonding with friends.
Our barkada decided to go on a food trip and trekked over to Tagaytay last Monday. We had lunch at The Grill by Antonio's (bad service, bad food), played billiard, drank coffee (and tsaang gubat for mike) and lovely dinner at Leslie's (made up for the bad lunch!). Nakakamiss din ang bondings na ganun.
2. Eating tawilis and ensaladang mangga at Leslie's Tagaytay.
3. Herb shopping for tita let at Gourmet's cafe.=)
4. The cool sunsets at home.
and capturing it on film.
5. Meeting Topher and Jaime at Pcmc today
Wonder kids who emulate bravery and resilience at its best.
6. Ouch moment at playersbest last night (with the matching sore thumb)
Peter literally took my breathe away when we accidentally collided on court during play. Ouch.My thumb is currently black and blue because of our little accident on court last night. Peace partner! buti na lang kaw yon..hehehe
7. Midnight Dinner with Oliver last night
I don't get to bond with my baby much these days whose so malambing. We literally fell asleep together while watching Ed and Desperate Housewives on cable tv.
8. Big R grocery shopping. =)
Kulitan with Raffy, Len, Gabs, Sophie and ang biglang nabuhay na si Peter while shopping for our respective kris kringles (the 20 peso challenge--something long and hard)
9. Picture taking in tagaytay.
10. Greenwich pizza (minus the pineapple)
At ang walang kasing lakas na tawa ni len.

I've been getting a lot stressors lately and I realized that if not for these moments, I'd be long gone from this world. Literally. It's when you get to have beautiful moments such as these that you realize that life is beautiful despite everything.

:) you taught me to make each moment count. thank you.

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