Thursday, July 31, 2008

16000 and counting

My platelet is up to 16000 as of yesterday. My first major good news since landing in this hospital last Sunday. I actually one my bet with Liz last tuesday-- we had a bet on what my count would be. Hers was 10000, mine was 16000 (say mo Madame Auring, exacto ang prediction ko!) and the price was was lunch over at Mamma Klassik Kitchen (vegetarian set for 1.60RM?)

Of course, there is a price to pay for this boost-- I now look like a real honest to goodness oompah loompah. O sige para mas cute ng onti-- mukha kong monay. hahaha. Pramis. I can't even feel my face now. Ganito siguro ang pakiramdam ng mga nagpapabotox. I told my friends that I feel like helium gas was pumped into my cheekbones and I look like a balloon.

Pag naging kahawig ko na si Hetty, i think time to panic na yun. Worse pag si jollibee na. hahaha. For now sabi ni ves, magpakasaya na lang muna akong maging newest member ng "teletubbies"


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