Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Hate Needles

I was woken up at 530 this morning by the nurse to get my blood and other vitals (Bp, temperature, pulse rate, etc). Half asleep, I gave my right arm to be pricked. Without warning, she just jammed the needle right into my right arm. Anak ng tinapa ni Batman at superman!!Masakit men!!! Sige exag yun ng onti. Pero shet pwet I nearly stood up and punched her there. I already semi warned her that I am scared of needles. I've never really gotten used to them despite being pricked probably thousands of times since I was 4 years old. Usually the other nurses would give me the pep talk first (okay just breathe, etc etc) and warns me right before that big prick. But no! siguro inaantok din siya or akala niya I was joking when I said that I was afraid of needles. After all at my age, I shouldn't be (but I'm unique!!hehe). The worse part was after the prick, she had to show me the blood dripping. And do you know what I'm scared of more than needles (well sige, heights but more than that?) BLOOD. Hay lord! natest ang powers ko.Gusto ko na mag faint pero nakakahiya (buti na lang Vanity is a sin talaga!) It was so darn painful for the next 30 minutes that I wanted to punch someone only I couldn't because I would get a pasa in the process.

Buti na lang may net na this morning. At masarap ang nasi lemak for breakfast. :)

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