Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home at last

I got discharged this afternoon.My platelet count has risen to 41000 (not yet normal but already considered safe) so my doctor deemed me fit to finally get out of my hotel (este hospital pala) room. I went through the discharge process like clockwork. Gleneagles was quite efficient from preparing my bills to taking out my IV (although medyo nanghina ako nung nag spurt ang dugo..). Am I glad na covered ng employer ang aking bills. My four day stay cost nearly 50,000 pesos in hospital charges alone. Yikes!

I just got home and am still reeling a bit from all the nausea of the ride. It was traffic going back and the taxi was quite hot. But I'm just glad to be back.

Now the real battle begins. The side effects of the drug is starting to come out-- hotflushes, thirstiness and my ever favorite manic phase. hehehe.. imagine pag dating ko dito sa house, i felt the urgent need to just classify my stuff. I organised the pantry (sabi nga ni reg, mare malala ka na pag pati kwarto ko inayos mo!), and sorted out the leftover freebies from the hospital. I felt the need to do something productive. I'm drinking water like crazy and I feel like a boat. Pinigilan ko na lang ang sarili kong linisin ang kusina. Over na yon. hehe.

I know it will be crazier in the next few days as I negotiate the side effects of prednisone and dapsone. And I am apologizing in advance to all those who will witness my kaadikans (tama si gidiyap.. magaadik na naman ako nito. hehehe). I've been through it before. Buti na lang may KFC to comfort us.

But these moments will past. I know they will. I have to believe they will.


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