Monday, July 28, 2008

Kidnapped For Ransom: My Platelets

After nearly 3 years of being officially under remission (5 years after my last relapse), my lifecoach is back-- my ITP that is (to all those who are unfamiliar with this, itp refers to idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpurra. Spelling? Pink na lang po! hehe.. its a bleeding disorder). Yesterday I discovered the presence of red petechaies (red lang talaga ang petechaie, cannot be blue, or green) all over my legs and arms (imagine na pinagtripan ako ng mga kids at sinulatan ng red pentel pen all over).

After attending the dedication ceremony for Chris' daughter (syempre nakiparty muna bago magpaconfine diba?) and naaki "alive alive" kay Pastor Rudy (na gustong palitan ni ninong jay) I went to Gleneagles hospital (our version of Asian hospital) and had a blood test. Pinagpustahan pa ko ng mga residente at attending sa ER kung gano daw kababa ang platelets ko. Ayos! gawin ba kong lotto number? Ayun awa ng dios, talo silang lahat. Kasi ang platelet ko is down to a magic number called "4" hehehe. (fyi ang normal is 150 x10 to the 6th power). Mas nagpanic sila sa kin dahil naglalakad pa daw ako. A transfusion was ruled out by the hematologist since I wasnt bleeding. I just needed to stay put in the bed.

One day later eto, nagpapakapasaway pa din. Syempre kelangan ko mag internet. Namamatay na ako sa boredom. hahaha. kaya please kausapin niyo ko sa YM. haha.. Im normal apart from the pasa and bruises. Same old hazel na taga book ng badminton court (although si charles ang in charge muna.. uy! parang yung tv show!) si hazel na nangungulit sa mga tao. Now i have no excuse to finish my two presentations for the PAP conference 2 weeks from now (see im still planning my vacations).

I am not in denial. Nor am I not taking this illness seriously. But I've had this ITP since I was four. And one thing i've learned through our 27 year friendship is that ITP was never meant to make my life miserable. It was meant to make me appreciate life more. And I hate it when people look at me with pity in their eyes. I have enough self pity to go around thank you. But just like Morrie (Tuesdays with Morrie), I only allow myself 5 minutes of self pity per day. Then I move on. I need to move on. Because I only have 23 hours and 55 minutes for that day left to live the best life I could live.

So thank you to all those who texted and wished me well. Thanks to all those who visited and called. But most of all thank you to those who made me feel that I was still the same old me even if they were having a hard time hiding their concern. You don't know how much I appreciated that-- to be treated just like I was the same old me.

So kung sakasakaling masalubong niyo ang platelets ko, paki sabihan na umuwi na sa rm 502 ng Gleneagles. Para naman makapagempake na kami sa paguwi ko sa pinas. Excited pa naman akong kumain na muli ng crispy pata at maging coffee kay idol sa starbucks (ay Figaro na ba tayo?).

If there's a will,there's always a Jaime.

Impossible? Not!

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